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Andiy 02-05-2013 11:59 AM

Tub lip slopes down, a lot
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Yes, another question about my tub tile project...

I put up a piece of backer board above the far end of the cast iron tub I am reusing. The backer board is cut square, and after I set it down on top of the tub lip, I noticed that it is nice and straight for about the first 18-20 inches, then it starts to slope out towards the bathroom. I have since pulled the hardi and can recut another piece to match this curve, and that little notch on the very end. This got me thinking though, should there be something in back of the edge, say another 2x4 widthwise between the studs to mud up against?

Would you tile gurus dam that from behind the backerboard somehow?

I will be Redguarding the backer after it's all up.

Looks like the [ img ] version of posting pictures isn't working for me. I'll try the "manage attachments" version.

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