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tiling my kitchen

I'm not new to forums, and I know the "search" button, but I couldn't find an existing thread with the exact information I need, so I figured I'd tap the large bank of knowledge for myself. I think I'm going about this okay, but just wanted to run it by some folks with considerably more experience before I make the plunge...

I'm going to be tiling my kitchen floor. As of now there are 2 layers of linoleum, the house is about twenty years old. My plan is to take off the linoleum, and expose the subfloor. The subfloor is 19/32" OSB "sturd i -floor", joists are 2x10's (unsure of wood species), spaced 16"OC. Longest span of unsupported joist is about 11 ft.

By way of research, I'm going to screw 5/8" exterior rated plywood and strengthen up the subfloor. Over this, I'll use thinset and screws to mount 1/4" backerboard. Then more thinset and the tile, being sure to spread the thinset to the proper dimensions.

1. 20 year old linoleum, should I worry about asbestos?
2. By using a 16X16 tile, am I going to be in over my head? Assuming the floor is level.
3. Will a porcelain tile have any advantages/disadvantages over plain ceramic?
4. Any other issues I missed, should this gameplan work?
Thanks for any and all responses.


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1. doubtful, but always a good idea to use quality dust masks, and ventilate the area.
2. that's a BIG tile, what is the size of the room. It may look odd.
3. porcelain and ceramic are roughly the same thing. Glazed/fired tiles are essentially impervious to stains.
4. sounds like a plan. Tile requires a min of 1 1/4" of SOLID subfloor, with all layers screwed/glued together.


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with all layers screwed/glued together.
NO Glue.
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You may want to consider using a bondbreaker product such as Ditramat (this is not an endorsement of this product, I know there are other similar products out there). Especially because you are using large format tiles, which are less forgiving about differential movement.

By the way, the d/L for your floor joist is greater than 1000, so you are fine in terms of deflection for 16 inch tiles, based on a loading of 40 psf (typical of kitchen).
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did a little more measuring. The largest area of unsupported span of joist is closer to 14 ft. (the room is not a square). Is 14ft still acceptable? As far as 16inē being to large, I may get some tiles and dry fit to see how it looks. I'll look into Ditramat further, this product replaces the backerboard correct? Thanks for all the replies so far.
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You're still OK, but getting close to minimums depending on the load factors I punch into the span chart. We also do not know the species or grade of your joists, makes a difference as you can imagine.

OK, so can you find any markings that tell you what we are grading? Otherwise we're just guessing and you will not get an accurate answer.



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