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99miles 08-06-2009 07:24 PM

Tiling around tub : what goes behind the tub itself?
I currently have a plastic surround glued to the drywall around the tub. There is some mold on the drywall near the top of the tub because the glue didn't stay very well. I am going to tile all around the tub now, but I'm assuming I will have to pull the drywall out down to the floor to get rid of the mold. So, can i just put the cement board in starting at the floor, then put the tub back in and start tiling Is there any reason I need anything besides backer board down there? Or, maybe I don't even need that?
Thanks in advance!

JazMan 08-07-2009 12:23 AM

You have mold there mainly because of the drywall. It gets damp, and the paper feeds mold. Remove the drywall and replace with cement board, may want to consider applying a surface waterproofing membrane over the board too. Be sure to use thin set mortar that comes in a bag, nothing pre-mixed.

There is no drywall behind the tub. Tubs are installed against the studs way before the drywall. Bring the board down to the hanging flange, seal well then tile. Or, shim the wall out 1/4" to clear the flange. Plan ahead and do not remove the drywall past the last stud, cut at the center of the stud so the wb and cement backer have something to fasten to.


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