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Thinset Question

I was using Mapei thinset yesterday on about 15' of tile before my back started to bug me! It has been 55+ degrees since, high humidity. I think I might have laid my mortar too wet, since I was getting a little "drift" or whatever you call it due to fact that the raw concrete patio was sloped a few degrees for run-off. Eventually they stopped sliding and I put a flat board up against the bottom row of 4 and weighted that down. When I go back over today do you think I will find that the thinset didn't harden correctly due to the over-wetness (I don't think the ridges were holding up, that was the consistency)?


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Tiling Questions

Few more semi-related tiling questions: how long does a thinset like Mapei take before it can be rained on? We're expecting rain tonight on an outdoor project, and I didn't know if I should go ahead and cover it with a tarp or not... I know it says don't walk on it for a while, and I wouldn't. But I don't know if water deluging the cracks between tiles would mess with the mastic...

Also, I have a raw concrete porch I'm putting ceramic 1' tiles on using that thinset I mentioned above, and there is a 18"x18" imperfection in the concrete such that about a cup or cup and a half of water sits there after a rain. Do I need to put down some concrete and level it, or just not push the tile down all that much to reduce the unlevelness from 1/4' to 1/8', which I consider negligible for this job?

After a rain, how long before I could restart tiling (e.g., can the concrete be a bit damp or does it need to be dry dry before laying down the thinset?

I also notice from reading that I didn't remove excess thinset from the cracks between tiles with a pencil or whathaveyou. Is that going to cause such problems for grout that I should use a dremel tool to pull out some excess thinset - or just use the pencil going forward (I've done about 1/10 the floor so far).

Thanks for your help!


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Lots of questions----

First---a bit of sliding will happen on a sloped surface like a patio---I use spacers on a sloped floor like that (spacers can cause your line to 'grin' or 'frown' so watch out for that)

The thinset should have set up well enough to get up on it today if it hasn't been to cold---

Get that 'squeeze up' removed as soon as you can--It'll be soft enough to get it out with a knife today---You will be buying a multi tool to remove it if you wait to long.

Rain should not hurt the thinset at this point----

The little low spot? Feather Finish by Ardex or another floor patch that is designed to be troweled out thin will work---

The concrete can be damp and the thinset will bond well---wet? NO.

Someone else will correct me if I have offered any methods that are less than the best---Mike----
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If you were to research, you would find that 55 degrees is the minimum at which thinset can be used. The 55 degrees must be maintained twenty-four hours a day for several days. If the temperature where you are isn't dropping at night that would be a phenomenon. I'd say you are asking for trouble and should either tent and heat the project or wait until spring to continue.
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