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heathermark 02-23-2010 12:48 PM

shower tile removal
how do i remove old tiles from floor and walls and cement board removal. i will be installing a new pan how do i do this?

oh'mike 02-23-2010 07:38 PM

Removing the shower walls---First peal off the top row of tiles using a heavy bent scraper.

Next peal off the two outside rows.

Install a blade in your Sawsall-Upside down -so you can make a shallow skim cut along the edges of the tile. Be careful not to cut any deeper than the thickness of the board.

Now get a hammer and punch a couple of hand holds and pull--that's about it--

Removing the floor is a hammer and pry bar job,

Shower pan removal--If you can get at the drain from below--cut off the old drain and then just lift out the old pan.
If every thing must be done from above---I use a Skill Saw and make several plunge cuts around the drain--once the pan is separated from the piece that has the drain--

Remove the pan--saw off the drain with a long Saws All blade.

Replace the P-trap and follow the directions that come with your new drain set.

Rather over simplified instructions--You have to figure out some things as you go.---Mike---

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