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jonitmorgan 04-05-2013 06:07 PM

shower floor tile grout leaking
i recently had my shower completely redone and i noticed in one area it never drys. the grout stays dark and moist. what could cause this?

joecaption 04-05-2013 06:12 PM

Got a picture?
Did anyone apply a sealer?

oh'mike 04-06-2013 04:23 AM

We need more info----what kind of floor pan was used?

You may have water under the tile---

jeffnc 04-06-2013 11:46 PM

This is not really a case of the grout leaking, because grout is never supposed to be leakproof to begin with. The problem is probably that the water is not properly draining.

Of course if your grout is cracked and/or not sealed and therefore particularly porous, and your shower is used often, it might just be getting wet so often it can't dry. If your shower is built properly, this isn't necessarily a problem, unless you've got some organic material that mold can grow on.

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