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over60pirate 10-18-2010 01:01 PM

Rockwell Sonicrafter grout blade source?
Anyone know a good source for grout cutting blades for a Rockwell Sonicrafter, multitool?
Also, does anyone have experience with them, and recommend one that works, and doesn't wear out fast? Oh, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg!
I found a diamond coated one, but at $59!
I'm just using it, where a diamond disc can't get to. I can't imagine using one of these tools to do a big job!

oh'mike 10-18-2010 05:54 PM

See if the Harbor freight blades fit that machine--Their Diamond grout cutter is only about $15.

I only used mine once so I don't know how long it lasts--Mike---

Bud Cline 10-19-2010 03:54 PM

That Rockwell is a great little tool and I love mine but to tell you the truth the cost of the accessories is super-outrageous and the accessories don't live very long. Rockwell should be ashamed of themselves in my thinking. I doubt anything like that from Harbor freight would be any better.

If the Rockwell accessories worked they may be worth the cost but they don't work that well.

Take a look at the "Grout Grabber" tool used in conjunction with your recip saw (assuming you have a recip saw). The Grout Grabber is priced right and works very well.:)

You can also get great grout removal results with a RotoZip and a tile bit.:yes:

YFZBOB 10-25-2010 11:10 AM

Imperial Blades :thumbsup:

over60pirate 10-25-2010 11:17 AM


Originally Posted by YFZBOB (Post 522703)
Imperial Blades :thumbsup:

$59.95! Wonder how long they last?

epson 10-25-2010 11:22 AM

Well in my neck of the woods Lowes sells the Rockwell blades and the tool.

Bud Cline 10-25-2010 05:06 PM

WOW!!! That place is even worse. In my neck of the woods the wood blade was until recently selling for $9.95 each with a three pack costing $24.95. Now the same blade costs $11.95 with a three pack selling at $34.95. That's a sudden and fast 20% increase almost overnight.

I guess now that they have a few thousand of those tools in the field it's time to begin the mighty rip-off.:)

JazMan 10-25-2010 07:43 PM

I've been wanting a Fein for years, but just didn't feel like laying down $400-500 for the fine Fein. Was able to do without, but I was waiting for the right time to justify the expense.

Last week I bought the Craftsman Multi Tool which was on sale and figured why not. Twenty off at $79.99, got another 10% off cuz I'm a member of the Craftsman Club, bought a few spare attachments with about 30% off, got a $10 cash card, and 800 points in my ShopYourWayRewards membership reward deal. Couldn't be happier. How do I like it? Heck if I know, haven't plugged it in yet.

The attachment tools are $13-15 and in the case of the grout removal tool you get 2 for under $15. (I got 2 for $10.50)

Anyone been using this tool yet? I bought the corded version, didn't want any cordless toy.


oh'mike 10-25-2010 07:54 PM

I bought the Harbor Freight variable speed one two weeks ago---It's going to earn its keep--

Nicely removed some epoxy grout--then used the wood cutter to remove several casement window bottoms--I think that tool is great for those odd little jobs---finishing off undercuts that the Bosch Fine Cut can't reach--Just handy---The wood cutter blades held up well--Mike--

PaliBob 10-25-2010 08:17 PM

Try eBAY

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