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Savela 10-09-2011 02:37 PM

River rock tile on brick surface...
I'm a newbie so go easy. I'm hoping to install some pebble river rock tile (stones are stuck to mesh)on a brick ledge (outdoor kitchen). Thinking it won't be too difficult but want to avoid pitfalls.

At any rate. Wondering how to prepare the surface, which thinset ( I'm planning on using gray so the edges blend better with the mortar that's currently there), and what kind of grout.

Finally, the stone will be natural (not polished) - do I need to seal before I grout? What it the sealant runs down the side of the stone, will it keep the grout from 'sticking'?

Thanks in advance.


Bud Cline 10-09-2011 03:54 PM

The stones won't take a sealer.

Using them out-doors requires a quality thinset mortar. I would use an unmodified thinset but add my own additive. This will make for a better thinset and a more tolerant thinset when it comes to outdoor use and weathering.

Once grouted the grout can then be sealed.:)

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