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markdrum1 09-27-2010 12:34 AM

Removing grout from top of ceramic tiles
This is my first tile job..... followed the directions on the thinset bag/grout container as close as humanly possible...... ended up with grout haze all over the tiles.... even though I wiped with a clean damp sponge multiple times before it was dry.....My problem seems to stem from the fact that there is a lot of texture on the top of the tile and along the edges .... the grout has settled into these grooves and textural depressions. the instructions clearly said not to press "hard" with the sponge while wiping so as not to remove any grout from the lines...... by not pressing hard and "gently floating" the damp sponge over top of the tiles and grout lines, I was unable to remove the grout from the small depressions and grooves on the surface of the tile. I want desperately to attack this grout sooner than later but the grout in the lines is not dry enough yet. My question is.... How long do I have to wait before I start scrubbing with vinegar and water (which works fine for the type of grout/tile I have based on the small test area I used inside the closet)... I am afraid of the vinegar soaking into the grout lines and weakening or removing some of it while I am scrubbing...... but am more afraid of the grout getting harder and harder and harder to remove the longer it sits. Thank you!!!!

p.s. I am just assuming that since the vinegar is able to break down the grout on the surface.... would it not do the same to the grout in the lines?.... do I need to just be ultra careful and only scrub up to the edges of the tiles? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Signed: frustrated in Canada

racebum 09-27-2010 02:11 AM

what's the tile? if it's natural slate you're going to have issues that will take you awhile, if it's somewhat fresh you might be able to get it wet and scrub it out with a scrubby sponge. i always have a scrubby near by when i set and grout any tile. you're correct in not wanting to press on a tile with wet thinset unless it's to level it. once it's dry and you're grouting it's no big deal though. if you have ceramic tile, granite, marble it should be pretty easy to remove.

markdrum1 09-27-2010 11:47 AM

No it is not slate....... just cheapo ceramic tile from Home Depot.... looks good though!!! lol ...... I'm gonna wait for the full 24hrs then go at it with the water/vinegar mix and see what happens. If it doesn't work.... will full strength vinegar harm the tile? Still worried about what the vinegar and water will do to the grout lines in between the tiles as I am scrubbing the tile surface... any suggestions?


markdrum1 09-28-2010 09:38 AM

Figured it out....... from another site..... thanks for all the suggestions and advice

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