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tpolk 01-07-2010 06:42 PM

I have a 70s-80s ceramic tile shower I need to regrout.The tile is in good shape but the grout is falling out in places and moldy in others. Only option for this job is to rake the joints as much as possible and regrout. I have worked with tile before and would normally take it down to framing but not happening here.

Is there a fitting for my dremel that will help?
Do I need to prep with a bonding agent pre grout or just clean or both?
thanks Timothy

firehawkmph 01-07-2010 10:27 PM

I believe dremel has a small guide that keeps the tool at an angle and lets you set the depth of the bit so you can cut a groove and keep it at the same depth. Also the oscillating fein-type tools have a blade for removing grout. I think it might be a little easier than the conventional dremel. I would clean everything when you are done grinding, then grout, then seal.
Mike Hawkins:)

Bud Cline 01-09-2010 12:54 PM

Not knowing how the shower receptor is constructed I wouldn't be using any kind of a power tool to remove the grout. You could cut into the pan liner and ruin it and not know it.

Use a hand operated grout saw. They are available at all big box stores for around seven bucks.

tpolk 01-09-2010 05:25 PM

thanks, this is a standard metal tub with tile surround. I would be surprised if there is any thing other than drywall behind due to age

Bud Cline 01-09-2010 08:49 PM


My main business is full-blown tile showers so naturally I was thinking your shower floor was in need of a fix.:) A tub surround is different.:)

tpolk 01-10-2010 07:54 AM

the grout saw i will pickup thanks

Bud Cline 01-10-2010 11:23 AM


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