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papason 08-19-2012 04:37 AM

newly installed tile is loose, another sounds loose? What happened??
I just finished putting all the tiles on the wall around tub and shower. waited a few days and went to grout it and one tile sounded funny. Just happened to bump it. I tapped all over before but either missed it from not being methodical or it happened afterwards.

Any way I thought it moved when I tried to wiggle it so I popped it out.
It came off real easy and only maybe one inch along one edge had mortar stuck to it. The wall had the mortar still in rows. I am sure I twisted and slid every tile on the install, but possibly not, it looks like not. I would assume the rows should not look like that after twisting and pushing.

So Why? What did I do wrong? I know the first batch of mortar was small and it might have been a bit dry, but later batches were more moist.

Also I found another tile that has a different sound from the rest, at the corner only. A less solid sound maybe clicking like. So is that one gonna fall out within 5 years? Will the grout that is not in there yet take care of it? Or is it anything?

If the mortar was too dry will the tiles fail? And if the later batches were too dry I dont get it. Well I will wait for what you have to say and fill in what you need from me.

Another thing since were here. I had already mixed the grout before I found the loose tile so I did two small walls, after tapping those tiles. it was laticrete spectra loc. I mixed as directed but the grout was not fluid at all and much of it fall off as I spread it around. I then used only small amounst but still if it did not go directly into the gap some of it falls down.
Does this sound normal? Did not seem right to me.

papason 08-19-2012 02:15 PM

problem got worse. mortar failure??
So I took out the one that had a tapping sound in the corner.
Well it came off real easy also. Is that normal?

While chipping of the old mortar on the wall a tile kitty corner came off. Then another came off later, then tapping around found another that sounded off, so popped it off too. Some of the mortar looks more squished than others but not what I expected and little to no mortar on the tiles. Shouldnt there be mortar on the tiles? So is it for sure not wet enough?

When mixing it wetter it did not seem to stick together as well. Also for me when it was drier or wetter it did not spread so well. somtimes it would just drag off instead of leave a row. So I thought I got to where it was a good mix. Will the tiles stay or am I looking at complete redo.

I might just throw in the towel on this one if it is a redo. Then just throw in a fiberglass unit.

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