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IF you're coring granite, the only way to do it's w/diamond core bit but you said TILE,,, 2" carbide bit on a rotary hammer'll fracture thin granite AND TILE,,, then again, you may've already discovered that for yourself,,, since its only tile, we'd use a 4" grinder & diamond blade - i'm sure the lights have bezels to exactness isn't a big issue,,, at the price of granite, its VERY reasonable to hire this work IF you don't know how to do it,,, if you did, you wouldn't be posting, right ?

the other poster feels comfortable using rotary hammer but we NEVER would - E V E R ! ! !
,,, matter of fact, ONLY time we'd pick that bit would be for quarry blocks of granite - not even marble - & then we'd be careful of WHERE the holes're drilled ! ! !


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I think the bottom line in this case is:

1. You don't want to use any percussion, it isn't necessary and may only wreck the stone in this case.

2. No pilot bit is required and in fact would easily create unnecessary stresses on the stone and could cause a random fracture of the piece.

3. The diamond coring saw is the way to do this, lubricated with water. A two inch coring saw will cost about sixty bucks, take it or leave it. Paying anything less would be somewhat risky.

4. FYI, diamond saw blades are made by bonding the diamond fragments to a core of metal. There are different metals used and different methods of bonding but suffice it to say this is how all blades (core saws) are made.

You cannot damage the diamonds they remain with an edge. You do however damage the core material. This is what makes the blades work. As the core material is wasted (worn) from the friction of cutting the diamond fragments drop off exposing new fragments. It is this constant shedding of diamonds and wearing of the core material that keeps a diamond blade sharp until the core eventually goes away.

A lubricant is typically used to extend the life of the core not the diamonds, Heat from the friction will ruin the core material faster in most cases.

Use a two-inch core saw by setting up a guide to direct the location of the saw until it has made its own path into the granite. Then the guide can be removed and the cut finished. Use water to lubricate and cool the cutting process.
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lots and lots of water.....

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very rare we cut wet anymore,,, dri-diamond technology's come so far its easier & less expensive to cut/core dry - little cleanup within reason, of course,,, if i had to saw 1,000lf 4" deep, we'd use wtr to clean out the swarf AND keep the blade cool - then again, we'd pick a wet blade, not dri,,, dri-cutting's much easier HOWEVER its not for ' heavy lifting ' cutting &/or coring

then again, we're only paying $3 ea for 4" & 5" blades when bought in packs of 12


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