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exodus125 05-10-2010 02:09 PM

loose tiles in bathroom
Maybe someone here can shed some light on a problem I have.
When we bought our house about 5 years ago, we noticed a few of the tiles in our master bath were loose. we noticed more an more tiles get loose as time past.
A few days ago, I got home to find a row of about 8 tiles all buckled into a teepee shape right in the middle of the bathroom. I removed some of the tiles which jsut basically pulled right off and noticed some of the times had absolutely no thinset stuck. They also seemed to not ahve been pressed down hard enough for the thinset to grip it good.
My main concern is if this was caused by some kind of water damage, or is it just a poor tile instalation? All the tiles around the toilet and shower, where I would suspect a water problem to originate from have tiles around them that are ont here good, problem seems to be originating from the center of the bathroom. I suspect the one tile that had no thinset stuck to it to be the problem, but would water from walking on tiles wet after a shower cause all the tiles to lift like that? I also live in miami so the bathroom gets hot sometimes on hot days, I know heat and humidity can casue problems as well.
here are some rough sketches of the problems, the second picture shows what the floor looked liked on the loosest tile that I lifted up, the thinset looked perfect, as if the tile was not layed on it hard enough or was set on the thinset too late or something.
Any light anyone can shed would be greatly appreciated.

oh'mike 05-10-2010 07:43 PM

This sound like installation problems.You never mentioned what the flooring under the tile was.

Tile installed over any wood product is an 'Iffy" install--wood moves--it swells--just bad idea.

Durrock under the tile is a safe method.---If the thinset didn't stick to the back of the tile---

the mix may have been to dry--or the stuff was starting to set up by the time that the installer got there.

Sounds like time to rip it out and get it done right!----Mike---

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