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JP's Dad 08-06-2012 09:20 PM

How to tile a corner where 3 edges meet
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I have a question on tiling a corner. I am tiling my shower with 2x4 stone tiles. On some of the edges, I will be using corner tiles (the "L" shaped pieces that wrap around 2 sides.

In one area, I have a privacy wall between the inside of the shower and the toilet on the outside. There are 3 edges that meet: The horizontal running the length/top of the privacy wall, the vertical that runs down the front/face of the privacy wall, and the small horizontal wall that is perpendicular to the first two lines (think of the corner of a box).

My question is how do you tile the actual corner? If I run the top corner piece to the front, when you butt the two pieces together, you are always left with a gap. Do you fill that in with a small piece of tile? Cut off one of the sides of the L and notch it? See the picture:

DannyT 08-06-2012 09:36 PM

i would miter the front pieces and butt the one on the side.
but i am looking at it from a carpenter's point of view.

oh'mike 08-07-2012 06:18 AM

Yep--Miter---If you are geometrically challenged----buy a bit of wood corner cap to practice with--

JP's Dad 04-01-2013 05:44 PM

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FYI - the miter worked great! Thanks for the tip!

Fix'n it 04-01-2013 08:42 PM

:eek: an update ! :thumbup:

looks GREAT ! how about pics of the rest

JP's Dad 04-01-2013 08:53 PM

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Here it is:

oh'mike 04-01-2013 09:37 PM

That's a very comfortable looking shower---high class yet unpretentious---

Good design.--Mike-----

Fix'n it 04-01-2013 09:51 PM

yeah, looks GREAT. though, it looks like you need more shelves. those are easy to add.

what did you use for the curb ?
and behind the tile ?
what did the glass cost ya ?

JP's Dad 04-01-2013 11:14 PM

Nah, the shelves are bigger than they look. 12x12. Don't know why I took the picture with the stuff on the floor, but generally all is on the shelves. The ledge on the stub wall is actually about 4 inches wide on the inside and stuff can go there if needed. I wanted to keep it clean and un-cluttered as much as possible (I originally was going to put in a little corner seat also).

Curb is dry packed along with the base. On the walls, I used 1/2" Hardibacker then sealed with RedGuard. A little expensive, but I think it does a better job than felt paper. At least it does for my piece of mind. Then thinset and tile.

Glass wasn't too bad - $1200 dollars including hinges, track and handle. It was the only thing that I let someone else do, and well worth it. It's 3/8". Stub wall is 2x6's, stiffened with 1/2" plywood glued and nailed, then hardibacker on that. I also put extra blocking in the walls were the track is and obviously in the hinge. A tornado could hit that shower and it probably wouldn't move...

Blondesense 04-02-2013 09:55 AM

Very nice!

Fix'n it 04-02-2013 08:09 PM

sounds like you did a good job.

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