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diy'er on LI 11-02-2009 01:19 PM

grout vs caulk spin-off... another tile wall question
bathroom is gutted, and we're about to install huge porcelain wall tiles, and 12" porcelain floor tiles in our powder room.

Our home has hot water heat, so there's a baseboard along a wall. The tile is about 1/4" thick. Obviously, it can't be slipped behind the baseboard. We also don't have the skills to move the baseboard. How should we approach tiling this wall and the junction of the top of the baseboard to the bottom of the tile wall?

Caulk? some other method? I'm clueless as to this....

Also, the meeting point between the floor / ceiling should be caulked? What kind of caulk do you recommend? We're using tinted grout over unmodified thinset (as per manufacturer's instructions)

thanks so much for your help!

Bud Cline 11-02-2009 02:47 PM

That type of situation is problematic.

You should tile to the top of the heat unit without trapping the cover with the tile. Caulks will close that unsightly gap. Come time to remove the heat cover you can cut the caulk.

I am assuming the cover doesn't get really hot.

Your other caulk questions have been answered in your other post.:)

diy'er on LI 11-02-2009 03:06 PM

that's a really good point, we can cut the caulk if we ever needed to...

you're right, the baseboard never gets terribly hot.... only mildly warm.

thanks so much for your help!

I'm going to a "big box" shop after work. I'm hoping I can find a caulk in a reasonable shade of gray....

Bud Cline 11-02-2009 04:46 PM

Caulks are available to match grout colors. They are limited to the more popular grout colors and they match really well. Those caulks are sold in the tile department so don't go to the paint department to find a matching caulk.:)

I've tiled around those style heaters many times and I don't think it has ever been a problem as long as the tile doesn't trap the cover and keep it from being removed if necessary.:)

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