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DIYD 08-05-2009 11:03 AM

First tiling project, need some help
Hi guys,

I am going to redecorating my bathroom in the next month and have just ordered all the supplies. I am immersing myself in everything I can find about tiling and more exact, bathroom tiling.

I am just wondering, can anybody answer some of these questions please, they are quite simple, but I just want to start on the right foot:
  1. Do I need to take out the toilet and sink temporarily and tile these parts first, to do a really good job, i.e -> Make it look more professional?
  2. What should I start with first, the wall tiles of the floor tiles?
  3. I should start from the middle of the room on the floor and not the edges first to make it look more uniform, correct?
  4. When I start with the wall tiling, Should I start from the bottom and work my way up, or should I start in the middle?
  5. When the wall tiling is near the edge of the bath, do I just use bath seal?
Thanks for any help,

Just Bill 08-06-2009 06:15 AM

1. Everything should come out of the room, but there are exceptions. I am doing a bathroom where the built in cabinet was installed before the floor, including the mud base. The customer decided to leave that in place, which I agreed. But definitely remove toilet and do under that. You may have to change the toilet flange. It should level to 1/4" above finished floor.
2. I do floor first, wall overlaps floor to reduce water migration problems.
3. Start your layout down the middle, not necessarily the actual installation. Tiles should be balanced so the same amount of tiles is on both sides. But that often leaves a very small piece of tile at the edges. If that is the case, I start the tiles from the most visible points with full tiles, and leave cuts in low visibility areas.
4. Start at the bottom and work your way up, use spacers to keep grout joints correct as you go. If using small butt edge tile, no spacers needed.
5. Not sure what you mean, but tile up to the tub leaving about 1/8" for caulk. There are caulks to match grout color.

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