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ryanb4614 11-13-2011 10:23 PM

Covering Kitchen Wall Tile
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Hello. I am just finishing up my bathroom project. It had tile all over and it was a nightmare to remove all the tile. It was on there with with wire nailed to the studs with mortar/concrete?

I am not going to go through this again. I need a quick fix for the kitchen. Please see the picture. I have all new appliances coming shortly and new cabinets. I will be putting in a hardwood floor. Cabinets are going to be arlington white, which is a off white/ivory/vanilla color.

See the picture of the current kitchen (ugly)

I was thinking of covering the tile parts of the wall with this:

I will be removing the back splash tile and will be replacing that with new tile. With the paneling I am not sure about finding moulding that will be able to overlap on the tile because of the thickness. Also they had this ugly yellow tile going into two of the arch entrances into the kitchen.

To the left of the picture and behind where I took the picture is the half wall with the yellow tile. I will try to get a more recent photo so you can see exactly how it is.

JazMan 11-13-2011 11:00 PM

Hi Ryan,

Glad to hear you're getting rid of that kitchen. Please do not install that panelling anywhere in the kitchen. Use it in your basement or garage if you must.

Although we don't know how the kitchen wall tiles were installed yet, I will bet they were just adhered to the wall. It should be completely different from the bathroom. Easiest way is the remove part of the drywall once the cabinets are gone and replace with new wallboard. In areas where that's not practical you should be able to remove the tiles using a wide putty knife with hammer. This may remove some of the surface paper, be careful not to remove too much. May need some minor patching after.


ryanb4614 11-14-2011 07:00 AM

I will check this out today and see how it comes off where the backsplash is. The paneling I was only going that route because my wife like the country look and thought that would look nice with the cabinets we are getting. I will look further into this and supply a picture also.

oh'mike 11-14-2011 07:16 AM

Just a thought----It is customary to remove the old cabinets--then remove the old plaster or drywall in the back splash area----

Then upgrade the electrical and add wiring for under cabinet lighting (if desired)

Then replace the drywall----

I find having a nice fresh wall makes the future work faster and better looking and well worth the effort.

If the cuts are located properly there is little finished taping needed---Mike---

ryanb4614 12-03-2011 07:43 AM

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Well I started taking the tile backsplash off. Behind the cabinet above the store, the tile goes up to the ceiling/overhang.

Tile around the window left and right side were easy to come off. The walls are plaster. The tile on the right wall are not coming off easy. They are ceramic tile with the 1-1.5 inch mortar and chicken wire. The plaster is just crumbling when I still the crow bar behind the tile trying to pry it. Any suggestions/easier way to get the tile off? The layer from outside in is tile->mortar->chicken wire-> plaster wall-> studs. Usually I only saw it with the chicken wire directly to the studs.

I don't want to have to replace the plaster with drywall I am running out of time and $ with this project. Plus side is, this will all be covered with the new backsplash and cabinets. The arch ays into the kitchen are not squared they are all rounded at the top which is beyond my expertise. I will also probably run into an issue like I did with the bathroom. Removing the plater and then when I got up to the ceiling that plaster broke off so I had to replace the ceiling. I will not be doing that this time. But the tile that is still standing on the other half of the walls will be completely visible. Debating to cover them or remove them (tile).

Also there is a over hang that was covered (seen in picture above) with paneling. This over hang is to short for the cabinets I got, I know I can build it out more. I was thinking of removing this but it seems really solid. I hit it with the hammer and it dented it?? I would think its plaster but who knows with this house. If I remove the over hang am I asking for more trouble?

oh'mike 12-03-2011 08:02 AM

I can see that you don't like drywall work----but you are running out of time---it would be a lot faster to simply cut out the old plaster---tile and all---shim out he studs so the drywall matches the plaster and call it done---

Some one here might have a faster and simpler solution---by I gave up om trying to salvage the old wall coverings long ago---Mike---

ryanb4614 12-03-2011 10:34 PM

Hello. I had to rest of the tile where the cabinets were removed within an hour. Came off in two big piece, plaster just needs patching. Now the walls in the kitchen is another story. The main reason to remove this tile is #1 it just ugly #2 the went in the arch ways with it... So I began in the arch was chiseling prying etc. for 2 hours. Still is intact removed about 80%. (just one side of the arch way) Started a way was getting no where so I put a hole in the wall and figured I would try prying the plaster and tile off together. It is not going anywhere. I called it a night for tonight. It seems the the walls where the backsplash was with the cabinets was defiantly mortar but the other walls that are half tile has a darker look, looks like cement and it is not coming off easily.

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