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papason 12-15-2012 02:53 PM

Can liquid nails be used to add tile rows above tub/shower
So I got the walls tiled up to about 6 feet and looked to finish the wall abobe it and decided maybe shoulda went all the way up. There is green board up already and I dont want to take it down and add backer. Is it good to put tile up there with liquid nails? will it hold? and then grout over it. should I or even can I use thinset on the green board instead?

If tiling over the green is not good then I will paint or maybe sheet goods. It might sound a little uncaring or Mickey mouse but just want to finsh now. i have learned a lot and expect my next bathroom job to be much nicer Much Much nicer. Dont realy want people to know I did this one.


oh'mike 12-15-2012 03:24 PM

Thinset will work just fine with the greenboard---some like to prime the board first---I never have --and that never caused me trouble---

Forget the liquid nails---way to slow to set---thinner than thinset---and much to messy and expensive----It would work---but more trouble that it's worth---

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