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coreyjan 05-23-2009 11:50 AM

Can I put up a glass-block backsplash over a laminate?
My kitchen has countertops and a backsplash that are made of an AWFUL laminate. The reason it's awful is because it is textured to look like mottled stone. I don't like the look of it. I'm not ready to deal with the countertops, but I would like to do something about the backsplash.

The problem is that the previous homeowners put up these sheets of laminate backsplash material UNDERNEATH the cabinetry - so, if I wanted to take down the laminate, I would have to remove all the cabinets. I don't want to remove or replace the cabinetry right now.

I have a very large number of glass block "marbles" - they are about 1" square and maybe 1/2" thick. I think they'd make a great looking backsplash.

So, I have three questions:

1. Is there a thinset or other type of adhesive material that will adhere to both the glass and the laminate?

2. Is this a smart project idea in the first place - that is, are there risks associated with putting up glass (which I know can get heavy) over laminate that extends UNDER the cabinets? That is, will the weight of the glass ultimately cause the laminate underneath to pull forward and/or damage the cabinets?

3. Are there other questions I should be asking that I don't even know to ask??

Thank you all so much --

Just Bill 05-24-2009 07:47 AM

Not recommended. If the laminate is not well secured to the wall, the weight of the tile could pull it off. But it can be done. Rough up the laminate with 60 0r 80 mgrit sandpaper, clean thoroughly to remove dust grease, etc. Tile as with any other surface.

Glass must be fully bedded in mortar or thinset. Any gaps with show thru.

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