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hotbread 01-24-2011 01:39 PM

Bathroom floor & shower waterproofing questions

I am preparing to tile a bathroom and had a few questions to ensure this is done correctly. I've done some reading, including this ( but am still unclear on a few items.

1. First, the bathroom floor. I'm doing electric in floor heat and the bathroom is in a basement which has a concrete floor. Is there anything that needs to be done to the concrete prior to installing the in-floor heat and then the tile?

2. For the shower walls I'm a bit confused... the link above mentions "this is where the liquid waterproofing products can also come into play as well as the sheet membranes if you should choose not to use a waterproof wallboard." Does this mean that the liquid waterproofing CAN be used with a non-waterproof wallboard? Or, if you use a non-waterproof wallboard do you need to install the membrane and not use the liquid?

Any advice is appreciated... thanks!

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