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weep holes

I am frustrated as to what a weep hole is. I think I get it, but if a shower stall is properly built and sealed why do we need a place for water to escape or escaped water to be recaptured?


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Not sure what is your question???? Weep holes are to get water from an area that is not really supposed to have water, to a place where it will not hurt anything. They often must be there, and should never be blocked.


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Most often, weep holes are placed in certain products or systems often to allow drainage of condensation, especially when a surface might be exposed to extremes in temperature. Some examples are weeps in bottoms of vinyl windows or the weeps in courses of brick. Without them moisture would continue to pool until it could reach other building components that are not designed for contact with moisture. Other times, weeps are built into products to channel moisture that inadvertantly might enter a place that it typically would not be found.
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Can you clear up why your asking this question?
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I am frustrated as to what a weep hole is. I think I get it, but if a shower stall is properly built and sealed why do we need a place for water to escape or escaped water to be recaptured?
It depends on what method of building the shower receptor is used. There is more than one method.

If the shower receptor is built using a sloped concrete floor and tile is applied to the surface then it is normal for water to get into the concrete under the tile.

This water must have a means to escape so "weep holes" are used. In this case the weep holes are an integral component of the drain assembly and you don't have to do anything other than be sure the weep holes don't get blocked with cement when building the shower receptor. (Assuming you are using the correct floor drain to begin with.) The way this is done is to use a small amount of gravel placed strategically in front of each weep hole before casting the cement.

A little more information about what you are doing would be helpful.
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I'm in the process of building my first tile shower, and had the same question as you. I'll try to explain it the way I understand. In conventional shower construction, a sloped mortar (mud) base is laid. Then an impermeable membrane (think very thick plastic sheet) is laid on this slope (about 1/4" in 1 foot slope). Then, another layer of mortar (mud) is laid. The tile is laid on top of the second layer of mortar (mud). Most of your shower water just runs over the tile into the drain. But, since the grout is slightly porous, some water makes it to the top layer of mortar. It's porous, too. So that water eventually makes it to the plastic membrane and runs to the weep holes.

In some newer methods of construction, the waterproof membrane is above the sloped floor with no second layer of mortar. Tiles are applied to the membrane. This (I think) eliminates the weep holes.

I'm sure I got a detail or two wrong, and someone will correct me.


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