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use a Sharpie to simulate cabinet glazing?

Hey all - OK, I probably won't use a Sharpie. But we have white, builder-grade cabinets in fine condition. I've found countless samples online, and seen countless samples in-person where folks have taken these same cabinets and done the faux glazing where the very dark/brown colors are in all the tiny routed corners.

See attachment.

In a few years, we'll probably get new cabinets. Until then, we want to refresh.

As I've looked at actual glazing samples, I got the idea that if I had an artist's paint-pen or something similar, I could "draw" the dark glazing effect onto my cabinets in these edge crevices. There are fine-edge paint rollers at art stores that produce a fine line but with a slightly rough edge.

As such, I'm considering giving it a try. But in the chance that I haven't just invented this process, has anyone else done it? I don't want to experiment if there's already another way one of you has found success with.

Yes - I know the idea seems a little crazy at first. But we all know we are the only ones deeply inspecting and analyzing our stuff. I'd venture a guess that we could host a dinner party at two homes - one with glazed cabinets, and one with my "fake" effect. Then the next day ask 100% of the people what they noticed - and none would. As such, my "perfect" cabinets will come in a few years, but for now, I could be pleased if I can add a little effect that nobody would likely scrutinize too deeply anyway.
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Denmente...... I don't think you are crazy, considering your objectives and circumstances.

(I guess you would want to make sure they are permenent type sharpies, so you can wipe off the cabinets)

I use sharpies to "stain" molding/furniture scratches all the time. You are somewhat limited as to exact coloration, but at Staples/office stores , you can find probably 40 colors and 3 wood tones.

And, you can draw in a grain if necessary. ( Now that is not the quality that "Country Club Restoration" offers, but sure works for some floor molding.)



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Look up ''pen'' glazing. It's possible to do what you want with a VERY steady hand. However, you may like to know that plain painted cabinets are much more popular at the moment. It costs zero in time, effort, or ''oops'' repair to do nothing.
Do it right from the beginning if you only want to do the job once. It'll be cheaper in the long term.
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Live Oak - thanks for the reply - I think it's that way with everything - you see something somewhere that looks great and want it yourself. But it could be "so 2008".

Where is the thermometer for what's hot for the average family? I'm pleased you say plain painted cabinets are hot right now. I don't doubt you.

But that's something I've struggled with. 95% of the people who enter my home are neighbors. And 95% of the home I get to see are my neighbors. Not saying we're all in a race with each other, but we all must admit that we do home decor because knowing somebody else thinks your stuff looks great is empowering.

Why else would you do it? You want those visitor's to say "oh, your cabinets look so great!"

If 95% of the people who see your stuff are neighbors comparing yours to theirs - then you only have to "beat" them with your design.

You could go with something that's "hot" elsewhere regionally - but then those same 95% of your visitors would think you're loony as it looks out of place to them.

So full-circle - are you doing it for yourself, or to get praise? If I was doing it for myself, I'd glaze newspaper articles that were written about me onto the cabinets so every day, I could be reminded of the glory days. 99% of people would think they look awful - but they'd work for me.
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A sharpie would work... and it would probably look pretty good because it's easy to control and you could get a nice fine line. The only problem I see with using a sharpie is that it wears out fast. You would have spray a clear coat on afterwards and that would have to be done very carefully. The clear coat has the ability to dissolve the ink so you would need to hold the clear coat a fair distance away on the first couple of coats so that it goes on really thin and 1/2 way dry by the time it hits the work. After a few of these really light coats then you can spray as normal.
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