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edmasbetsy 02-09-2011 09:19 AM

Too many choices
Doing a galley kitchen remodel, which inc moving a non load bearing wall. Work in real estate so I have many referrals. First contractor came out in November, to date no estimate, not returning calls. Second contractor, came out twice gave verbal estimate but cant get anything in writing. Get frustrated go to Home Depot. Work with a KD that was awful, pick out American Woodmark cabs, they send contractor out, he has been out twice. He has given me a bid separate from the HD cab install, it is very low. Meet with 2 other contractors, one suggests Kemper cabinets, the other Merillat, I have not seen cab price yet, but the teardown and rebuild price is about twice as much as the Home Depot contractor. They are also more that I plan on spending, but I can afford it. I am so confused and stressed. How do I decide? Is one cabinet superior to another? How can the HD contractor be so cheap??? I need advice please!!

oh'mike 02-09-2011 09:42 AM

Post a picture or two of the work involved-----You need to find a remodeler that will give you a written quote that includes a complete " scope of work"

The cheaper guy may or mat not be including--electrical up grades to meet todays code--

Drywall work---trim---light and appliance install --there is a lot that goes into a kitchen remodel--

You don't want to hire someone and then hear." well,that's an extra---"

We will help give you a list of the different items that need to be covered in a proposal--Mike--

DangerMouse 02-09-2011 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by edmasbetsy (Post 587577)
He has given me a bid separate from the HD cab install, it is very low.

This sounds to me like he just cuts out the middleman (HD) and moonlights the job.


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