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Velvis 04-26-2012 04:36 PM

Small Bathroom remodel questions and step order
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I have a small bathroom that I gutted everything but the ceiling. (I havent decided what to do with that yet, I may tear it down I may go over it with something suitable for a bathroom.)

I had a carpenter come in and redo the joists with LVL's and put on the plywood so the sub floor is done. I need to cut the hole for the tub drain/overflow and the toilet supply line.

As you can see the room is going to be pretty much a tub and a toilet....
1) The back wall with the insulation that is dark (it has a paper face) is against the outside of the house. The wall with the pink insulation is against a bedroom.
2) The toilet is going back where the stack is.
3) A small pedestal sink will be right next to where I took the picture from (where the original sink was)
4) According to the tub manufacturer, no cement bed is necessary. The tub has foam "feet".
5) I am putting in a showerhead, but will likely not use it. (I don't want a huge curtain making a small bathroom look even smaller, but my brother is a plumber so I am going to take advantage of his free labor, incase the need arrives for use as a shower)
6) Most of the room will be tiled. I'm not sure if I will have much untiled wall space.
7) The floor will be tiled.

My questions:
1) Do any of the walls need a moisture barrier? In a bathroom this small does it make sense to use it on all four walls?
2) Shall I use Hardibacker for all of the walls?
3) Should the hardibacker go ceiling to floor (meaning behind the sides of the tub as well)?

3) What should be the next step? I am not sure if I should hang the hardibacker/drywall or start framing the tub....
4) Can hardibacker for the floor be laid directly on the subfloor?

Sorry for the stream of consciences thought...

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