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donvaz 08-12-2012 10:41 AM

Sink Size Specs - Advice needed
We are remodeling our Kitchen (Vancouver, BC) and I have a question on sink vs. cabinet size.

Due to space restrictions etc, for our sink we have ordered a 33" cabinet and were looking at the Blanco Sinkgranit Undermount 1.75.

Blanco Canada Size Specs states that the sink can be mounted in a 33" cabinet. (Cost $710 Home Depot Canada)

Blanco USA Size Specs states that the required cabinet size is 36" (Cost $416 Home Depot USA)

The Part numbers for the products are different and as a person who has no knowledge of this, I can clearly tell from the Size Specs links provided that the measurements are very similar and identical where the width is concerned. I would really like the help of an expert who can comment on the actual size requirement of the cabinet.

For almost 80% savings, my preference would be to purchase this in the US and drive it across.


DannyT 08-12-2012 01:39 PM

both sinks are 32 inches long so you would have to cut both ends of the cabinet out for the sink to fit or offset it one direction or the other and only cut one end. most 33 inch cabinets measure approx 31-5/8 inside. i used to have to put sinks in 33 inch cabinets and it was a pain, the ends of the cabinet lined up with where the clips went on the underneath of the sink. the undermounts are different but still won't fit inside a 33 inch cabinet without some modification of the cabinet. if the dishwasher is right next to the sink and you cut the end of the cabinet you will lose support for the countertop in that area.

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