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Mark Innes 12-12-2004 02:05 PM

Shower switch not working

I am having a problem with my shower. The switch to turn on the shower is not working, the red light is not lit up when switching it on (the one on the ceiling and not the main shower).

I opened up the box but could not see a fuse, do I open it up further or could it be the switch itself that is faulty? It is a Neptune Exotic Shower 9.5.

Any suggestions please?


MgMopar 12-13-2004 12:43 PM

I am assuming that this type of shower is using solenoids to control the water. I would also think that they are probably running a reduced control voltage for safety reasons. It would probably be something like a 24 vac supply, probably threw a remote transformer. I did just a quick web search and did not find any relevant results. But if you have another control for the main shower you could use this as a diagnostic tool. I would test for voltage at the working control. (start with a high volt setting on the meter and move the selector until you achieve a reading of the voltage. Then test the none functioning control. Post you results and we can go from their If their is power on both (the same) then we will have to test further down the system. If their is not then it will have to be back tracked to supply. (I would think if the have transformers the would mount them in an unfinished ( basment/untilty closet) part of the house. If you could post a link or a photo it would help me describe what I would do.

muttley 12-13-2004 03:56 PM

Got some suggestions, theyre based on UK wiring setups, but might be of some help faultfinding.

Just been doing my bathroom and shower and had a similar problem., turned out the neon in the switch was kaputt..

q1..Firsts first.... have you checked the shower circuit breaker hasnt tripped in your main fusebox?
Or if its an old installation that the fuse hasnt blown in the fusebox.
q2.. does the shower work even though the pullcord switch neon doesnt light up?

if these are ok then you should be getting a live feed to the shower switch.
If the power indicator on the shower unit lights up but the pull switch neon doesnt then i'd suspect its the switch neon thats faulty.
But if the shower doesnt work/ no power light on then it might be the switch itself malfunctioning.

There wont be a fuse in the ceiling switch if its a UK installation , we use dipole/ doublethrow isolator switches for high amp rated appliances like showers and cookers.
ceiling mounted pull switches arent fused.

If the main fuse/circuitbreaker is ok then you should be getting power to the "supply" side of the shower switch connections( the cable which comes from the main fusebox shower circuit supply ). An electrical tester/probe will tell you that.
then try testing the "load" ( ie the other cable coming from the shower) connections seperately with the switch in firstly the on and then the off position. If the switch is faulty then there will be no current to the load connections in either position. If it does register current in one of on/off states then although the switch light isnt lighting up the shower is getting a power supply and the indicator is faulty. Either way you need a new switch!!
As its for a shower a requirement is for the switch to have a visible mechanical indication of its on/off state ( there should be a on/off tag visible) as well as the neon light. UK building regulations....

If youre in the usa then ignore everything ive just said....

makaveli 04-29-2005 02:35 PM

do not touch it,get a qualified electrician in,new regulations from jan 1st 2005.............the power to that pole switch is direct from your consumer unit

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