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ilyaz 03-03-2010 06:20 PM

removing wall, making arc, need to determine dimensions
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We're remodeling our kitchen that is behind the wall shown in the photo. We will be removing the wall, but not entirely. Because of the way the photo was taken, it dos not scale properly: A = 37", B = 57", C = 30". We will keep the left piece of the wall of width C because we have our fridge behind it. We want to remove the middle part of the wall, including where the doorway now is, but we want to leave a piece of width X and we also want to make an arc. Questions:
- What should X be for the finished result to look good (you know, the Golden Mean etc etc)? We don't want to make it too big, so it will definitely be less than C but bigger than the thickness of the adjacent wall that you can't see in the photo.
- Should the arc go all the way to the ceiling or should it peak some Y inches below the ceiling?


nap 03-03-2010 06:30 PM

I can't give you what you are looking for as to the wall length but for the arch going to the ceiling.

If this is a load bearing wall, you really need to be sure the header you use will properly carry the load.

if this is not a load bearing wall, you still need to worry about what the wall supports. Although it would not be a "structural load bearing wall", most walls do add structural strength to the over all building and by not having a header, you could lose some important support.

plus, in my opinion, taking an arch all the way to a ceiling looks weird. You do not have a separation between the ceiling of the two different rooms.

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