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jdauriemma 07-14-2010 09:41 PM

Questions about my Bathroom Storage Project
Hi everyone,

I'm a bit of a novice DIYer, so be gentile! My wife and I moved in with her sister, and her new townhouse has 2 bedrooms with attached full baths. The problem is, only her (master) bathroom has a vented fan vent; ours does not. She proposed that we take turns showering in her bathroom in the mornings. I think that's a bit much, so I proposed that we get a dehumidifier for our bathroom to solve the no-fan moisture-buildup problem. The issue is, there's no really good place to put it, except...

If we put the dehumidifier in an etagere above the toilet. The problem is, there aren't any that I can find that can hold over 60 lbs. (the appliance itself is 35 lbs dry, but I like to have plenty of safety room). So, I will bravely try to build an over-the-toilet storage rack (aka etagere) to accommodate this new addition to the bathroom.

I figure some good hard wood and the right hardware will do the trick, but I was hoping some of the more experienced DIYers here could help guide me - what should I do?

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