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Shiseiji 08-24-2012 02:54 PM

Question on New Gas Run for Stove
I know this task will be have to done by a licensed plumber (Fairfax County, VA), so I'm simply educating myself. I have a 1” natural gas black iron line run through the attic feeding the co-located gas water heater and furnace.
Will code and practice allow a run from that line for a new gas stove installation? It looks to me like the 90 that goes into the utility closet can simply be replaced with a tee, the drop pipe to the closet reattached and the new pipe run to the adjacent kitchen. Simplest thing would be to cut the drop and then put it back together with two new pipes and union. I’m “assuming” a union is allowed on a NG line. After all there’re on the meter. Is this correct?
And a “Why?” question. We have a gas log insert in the room also adjacent to the utility closet. The installer ran an exterior 1/2” copper line up to, around the soffits and then down the fire place and into the room, almost 60’. I’m also assuming this was the quicker option for the installer and not a code requirement. So I can have that replaced when the stove line is done?
As always, TIA

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