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Snav 01-25-2010 10:51 AM

Project floor plan for Kitchen and Bath
Took me long enough, I've gone through countless layout ideas and I've finally come to something that will work.
So, the first steps we've already done - the laundryroom was 13 x 8 - we cut it down to 4 x 8, leaving plenty of room for the new kitchen to be tucked in there.

Main reason for relocating the kitchen, however, is that we don't want repeats of our current situation - water damage that requires rip out of everything.
Our bathroom tub leaked a lot before we moved in (we moved in planning on remodeling, of course) and it affecte the kitchen floor/cabinets as well - so we moved in and stopped the old leaks, but since then other old plumbing has given out and cause other damage - the sink in the bathroom, for example, had a major floor flooding leak just this week which hastens the need to rip it out and redo it all.

Current: I tried to get the colors as close as possible ot what we have - you can see how it clashes. It's all old vinyl peel/stick. I don't mind the peel/stick part, actually, it's proven to handle the dog's abuse quite well - it's the color that I loath.

The bathroom is poorly designed - originaly the door was on the left side, opening into the hallway (which is now just the livingroom, we took down the hallway wall some time ago). Now the door is opposite the toilet. . . hence why I'll be swapping the toilet/sink counter in the new design.

And the new

Minimal overhead cabinets - so I will have 1 angled cabinet in the corner above the counter and 2 tall pantry cabinets built into a fridge-surround. To make up for the lack of overhead which we use for food and dishes I will have pantry cabinets built on either side of the fridge (and storage above it as well).

A functional, small island - will house the dishwasher and a set of drawers.

A large dining area, by swapping the current kitchen location with the newly gutted laundry room area we'll have more than enough for the whole family (6).

Only one fridge in the kitchen - MY fridge is a new, nice fridge which replaced the old crappy one. However, the old one still works great and so we decided to use it as a drinks and snacks fridge. In part because the kids are in/out of the fridge and often leave the door open and spoiling the food (has happened several times). Well, the new fridge has an alarm on it to alert us when the door is left open. By keeping their stuff in the old fridge I've elimated their need to be in my fridge at all. :laughing:

So, in the new plan we will have a stacked (full size) washer and dryer in the laundryroom and the old fridge will go next to that.

I haven't yet decided on the exact color scheme for the kitchen - I know we'll go with a cozy 'hunter lodge' feel - everything will be wood/brick/stone. . . but that might change.

The bathroom:
Self explanatory :) I'll be going for a "royal" ivory and blue color-scheme with a new drop-in tub. Walls will be 1/2 tile - large time, at that (6x6") and the floor will also be tile - 16 x 16"

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