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bfoglia 05-24-2012 12:01 PM

Preparing bathtub surround for tilings
Completely gutted my bathroom and have some questions about rebuilding the bathtub surround. I am going to use Durock NextGen backerboard and Versabond white thin set.

1. I plan on tiling the ceiling over the tub. It previously had a dropped ceiling over the old tub that I ripped out, so I now have an 8' ceiling, but I have put up new sheetrock over the entire ceiling of the bathroom. Should I rip out the sheetrock over the tub, where I will tile, and replace that with Durock as well?

2. Durock indicated that I should only put up a vapor barrier on the outside wall, not on the interior walls. I forgot to ask about the ceiling, but I assume that would be considered an "outside wall" as well, which I can do assuming I need to take down the drywall as per question 1. But I have installed insulation as a sound barrier on one of the inside walls. I am thinking I should protect the insulation as well using a vapor barrier.

3. Durock also indicated not to use Redguard, but I see lots of sites recommending it (or something similar), over CBU and the Versabond white thinset should have no problems adhering. Is there a strong reason to not use the Redguard.

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