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ajtool 06-03-2010 09:47 PM

Planning for a bathroom rebuild
I don't think the bathroom in my house was done right. Paint is crap, its peeling, the grout in my shower has cracked and shrank. The window in the shower (yes, you read that right, I have a long small bathroom) is not finished and I am pretty sure regular drywall was used in the whole bathroom. In fact I am sure I found some mold in the dry wall and window. I figure I may have to reframe the blasted bathroom. I hope not, but right now, before I get in there, Im going to assume some reframing will be needed. Floor is tile and looks good. Subfloor is concrete (actually the upstairs floor is concrete poured over steal :eek: and my whole house is formed concrete. The inside walls are drywall and 2x4s I doubt there is insulation in the basement, but that is another remodel I guess :whistling2:

The shower does have tiles.

The idea I had is:

Replace the dry wall with purple board (my local home depot don't have the green board any more?) The purple states its mold and water resistent. My floor should be fine. My shower, I thought about a prefab, but think I will just stick to how it is. I would like to add a shower door. Junk the tile and use FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) over the purple board. I will keep my toilet, sink and lights where they are. The window will have to stay since its concrete.

Any thoughts? Any recomended books? Is the FRP a good idea in place of tile in the shower? Is the purple board any good? BTW, I plan on using a high quality paint, like Behr ultra with the built in primer.

EDIT, just learned that Cement board may be better for the shower it self, perhaps the whole bathroom, the humidity hits the sky if I take a shower and leave my bathroom door and window closed.

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