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b16bri 08-12-2013 10:57 PM

new house new kitchen cabinets
Hey guys im about to buy my first house and I hate the cabinets that are in the kitchen now there white and ugly. Now ide rather paint or stain them rather than replace them to same money for other areas. Is there or what would be the best way to go from white cabinets to a dark stain wood finish. Ive seen plenty of videos of going from wood to white but not from white to dark wood so how would this be done. just sand/wood strip and stain or is there a better way.

oh'mike 08-13-2013 06:45 AM

You will not like what you find hiding under the paint----

Wood that is chosen for paint grade cabinets is often very ugly--mineral stains ,green poplar or birch---often there is no wood---just compressed fibers---

Look at the companies that make doors and drawer fronts---then read up on 'refacing' the face frames----

This is not easy or cheap----Mike-----

Live_Oak 08-22-2013 10:43 AM

It's a lot of work to paint wood cabinets properly. Lots of prep goes into it. An average person can do their kitchen in 4-6 weeks, nights and weekends, doing all of the needed steps to get it right.

It's about 20x the work of painting cabinets to strip that paint back to bare wood and start over. And that's if you're not disappointed with the wood quality once it's bare, as alluded to by oh'mike above.

The easiest and cheapest option for a temporary face lift for you now would be to explore other colors to paint those cabinets. You could do a barn red, navy blue, or even a chocolate brown if you want darker colors. It would still be a bit of work to paint over white, but much much less time and money than DIY refacing would be. Then take the money that you've saved and start to plan a more extensive replacement redo in 7-10 years when all of the appliances start dying and you're sick of the painted cabinets.

ddawg16 08-22-2013 10:56 AM

b1....we feel your pain....your not the first....your not the last....

A few things....

1st....Please add your location to your profile....since it's your first house, we suspect we will be seeing a lot of you here....your location helps to give you better answers.

2nd....move in and live in the house. All too often new home owners want to move in and start changing things. Yea, you may not like those cabinets....but....if they are clean and work.....go with it for awhile....

What frequently happens is that after about 6 months of actually living in the house, priorities are totally different than when you first moved in. You have to live there for awhile to figure out what the real issues are. 6 Months from now, I suspect those cabinets will be low on the list.

Now that you have your home, some things that were not obvious if you were a renter we become obvious now....

Broken stuff....

How about posting some pics of your new place.....the guys and gals here love giving free advice.....especially when they are not the ones doing the work or paying for it.

Welcome to DIY

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