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gregzoll 01-06-2012 10:56 PM

Need suggestions on Kitchen Base cabinet size.
Okay everyone, need some input on this. I have two choices on what size of cabinets to use along the wall that my stove is on, but there is a hitch. That hitch is, either I move a wall vent to somewhere else, or go with a shorter cabinet.

I can go with a 30" on the left of the stove, the stove is 30", then a 30", and that means no moving the vent. Now, thinking about the fact that we have no storage, and going to a 36" on either side of the stove, would give me two base cabinets with at least 3 maybe four drawers in them for storage. I would like to go maybe three or four on the left one, and two or three drawer on the right one. Reason being is that I can store my cookware in the drawers, since we will no longer have a pot rack above the stove.

Now, the total wall space I have available is 119 inches, or simple terms, 9 feet, 11 inches. So go for it everyone, let me have your ideas.

Ironlight 01-06-2012 11:30 PM

Sounds like a pretty simple cost benefit analysis. Is moving the vent worth an extra 12" of linear base cabinet storage to you? Only you can answer that question as you know what's involved with the vent vs. how much stuff you need to store.

Offhand I would opt for doing what I could to maximize storage as that very simply opts for the better, more utilitarian solution at the price of a bit more work.

What is this wall vent anyway, and how much work is it to reroute?

gregzoll 01-07-2012 12:00 AM

It is one of the old 14x14 wall vents, and really would not be hard to reroute. Did it when we redid the bath. I have been batting at moving the vents, but problem is, the one in the dining, would end up under the dining room table, which is pushed up against the wall.

The total space I have to work with, is aprx 10 feet wide, by about 17 feet long. The original floor vent for the Kitchen is right now just a grate, since when we took the wall down between the dining and Kitchen, there was no need for that vent, until I decide where to move that one to.

If I can get away without moving the vent, that means less storage, but less work. But in turn, moving it, means more space, the vent under a window as it should be, and I think that it would actually help the room better. Now of course, I could go and place a floor vent or kick vent, since I hate floor vents, due to too much drops into them, etc.

gregzoll 01-07-2012 12:04 AM

Now that I think of it, I may be able to do some creative construction, and not have to move the vent, nor place into a kick. Just have to look for a vent cover that would be less than 15" wide, which means waiting until we get the cabinets, then going from there. At least with the bath, I knew that I would have to move the vent to the opposite wall, and since I had completely gutted it, it made things easier. With the Kitchen, I am trying to not gut it, but work with the Rocklathe, and patch as I go. That means a layer of 3/8, and then a layer of 5/8 gypsum for the patches.

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