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toocheaptohire 03-06-2011 05:03 PM

Master bedroom and bath remodel
After taking some time off from remodeling (and lots of Chinese take out and Hot Pockets and being covered in dust all the time), we're ready to jump back in with a remodel of the master bedroom and bath. Just starting most important part which is planning. Bedroom will be a breeze (famous last words) but bath will be the challenge. Have a 9' x 12' space to work with and will be totally gutting (yea - easiest and most fun bit - bring on the dumpster). My dream is to have a "pooper room" as I affectionately call it, better known as a toliet enclosure/partition. Don't have the space to make it a proper room with drywalled stud walls (basically have 36" wide by 50" long to work with, which will meet code), so am considering installing frosted glass walls (actually saw something very similar in a ritzy hotel room). However, since I am "too cheap", I'd like to avoid the $2k+ cost for these glass walls and door (am planning to do glass walls, door for shower already) and since they don't need to be water tight (ala shower), and am looking for ideas for alternative materials for the partition walls and door for the beloved pooper room. I've thought about Shoji-type screens but assume I'd have to find a carpenter to make them, so won't save much money....

I'll work on a rough layout and post soon.

Thanks for reading and any ideas you have.

Mop in Hand 03-06-2011 08:22 PM

Glass block?

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