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sbrink 12-28-2010 12:59 PM

Marble countertop excess length doesn't leave enough space for stove!
I moved into a home with no appliances. Before ordering an electric range, I measured the space and came up with 30". Since the standard ranges are all slightly less than 30" I assumed one would fit . Today it was delivered and uncrated, and I have just discovered that the space NARROWS toward the back, making it impossible to put the range in place. The marble countertop, rather sloppily installed, overlaps the cabinet by almost half an inch, on one side only of the range space. MY QUESTION: Can the excess edge of the marble countertop be trimmed away with the countertop in place? Or am I about to embark on an expensive project to replace that piece of countertop with one that's slightly narrower?

As Charlie Brown would say, "Argh."

BTW, I checked range widths online and the one I ordered is narrower than most by a fraction of an inch, so exchanging it for a narrower model is not a solution.

Clutchcargo 12-28-2010 04:21 PM

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I'll bet with an angle grinder, you can nip away at the counter top. I don't know how it will end looking though.
Good luck and hopefully someone with experience can offer more useful assistance.

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