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NickWa 03-06-2012 05:31 PM

Main bathroom total remodel project
Hi everyone, wanted to make a thread about my bathroom remodel both for motivation and to get help with any issues I might come across.

We moved into the house half a year ago and hated the bathroom. We got offer to buy our current vanity, mirror, and cabinet so we decided to sell and get started on the remodel. We also want to get rid of the 3-piece tub due to shotty installation and desire to install tile surround tub enclosure.

Without going into too much detail, here are my plans.

- Remove vanity wall drywall, wire new side mirror light fixtures, move receptacle and move light switch from outside the bathroom, to the inside.
- Rip up ceramic tile and replace with new tiles of our choice
- Remove 3-piece tub enclosure, replace with skirted tub, backerboard, and tile surround with niche.
- Add recessed lights to main area + 1 over bath
- Build small closet/shelf/built-in between door/vanity

Since this is the only shower we have in the house, it can't be out of operation for too long. If I could, I would rip everything out and start from scratch to do it. But, I need to choose to either work on the vanity wall first or the tub surround. I will do the tiles on the floor and the vanity/toilet last.

Can I remove the drywall on the vanity wall to do wiring and such without worrying about the steam from the shower? There is a fan in the bathroom and I could tell my girlfriend to leave door open while showering to limit the amount of steam. Not sure if wise to have showers with unpainted drywall exposed for a week or so?

Or should I start with the tub replacement so I don't have to worry as much about the tile/drywall intersection if I do the tub 2nd?

I have many more questions but this will dictate where I start hopefully next Monday!

Some pictures:

The inspiration:

oh'mike 03-06-2012 06:08 PM

You will be fine using the shower while that wall is opened up-

The seam between you drywall and the tile backer is hidden under the tile---so the tub surround needs to go before you can replace the drywall---

NickWa 03-06-2012 08:58 PM

Ok well if that's the case, perhaps I will start by ripping off the tile baseboard, taking down the vanity wall drywall, and doing the electrical work I need to do (including adding recessed lights and necessary wire for additional over-the-bath light).

Once that is all taken care of, I will throw up 2 sheets of drywall (leaving off the last peice that will meet with the tub surround, and take care of that when I do the backerboard.

After the tub is out and backerboard is up, I can put up the last piece of drywall creating a nice seam. Tile the tub surround then proceed to take care of the flooring.

By the way, if the drywall were in good shape I wouldn't bother taking it all down to the electrical work. All of the tape is showing and where there was once a doorway, has a very bad tape joint. I am a lot more comfortable removing it all, doing the work in the open wall, and then putting up new drywall rather than trying to repair old stuff.

NickWa 03-07-2012 08:09 AM

Sorry about the messy bathroom - just noticed in the pictures :p.

Here is a general idea of what we are thinking. Built in shelf on the left, open shelves on the top for towels and such, closed cabinet on the bottom. A receptacle on either side of the vanity with above the mirror light box and boxes on either side of the mirror.

We don't plan to use the above the mirror light, but want to wire it up in case change mind in the future. Will cover with a blank and paint or cover with the mirror.

Total lighting in the bathroom will be 3 PAR20 recessed lights and 2 wall sconces similar to those in the "inspiration" picture. I am hoping this is enough light.

oh'mike 03-07-2012 08:00 PM

Layout look okay--best to have the drain opening off center by 3 " or so--lot's of new sinks have the drain so far back that a straight on P-trap won't make the opening before you hit a bend in the P-trap-

Clear as mud---I'm hungry and the brain is not working ---

Also--check the height of the new vanity and top--Electrical outlets need to be higher than the old days because vanities are taller---

BayIslandMike 09-06-2012 04:34 PM

NickWa, any updates?

I was going to embark on my own bathroom remodel soon, and could use some inspiration :)


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