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photopeter 12-13-2011 08:35 PM

laminate countertop question
I wonder if someone can give me some advice for the countertop for my kitchen island.

The countertop and the build-up (particle board) came separately, so now I have to attach the build-up myself. I was told that this way the whole thing is not as heavy and easier to carry and handle.
That's not a problem, I don't mind doing it - I am just wondering what kind of adhesive would be best.

The countertop overhangs the island on one of the long sides by about a foot (30cm) and it is 6 feet long.

The island is actually just three bottom cabinets side by side with the countertop on top of them.

The build-up has the same outside dimension as the countertop is from the underside and fits right into the frame created by the lips of the countertop, so it's not just strips around the outside edges.
This way the overhang is more solid and less likely to droop .

Should I use contact cement (on both sides and let it dry up for a while),
or some sort of construction adhesive (can or tube).
In these cases I am wondering about lingering fumes.

I am actually leaning towards carpenters glue. Spread out thin on both sides,
then use as many clamps as I have to clamp around the perimeter of the countertop, lay it upside down on some spacers and put several weights
around the center because I can't clamp there.

I could also pre-drill some clearance holes for wood screws through the build-up board (it is particle board), then drill small (shallow!) pilot holes into the countertop from below and pull the two halves together.

I prefer not to drill at all, since accidents happen sometimes, no matter how careful one is, besides I think a satisfactory bond can be achieved even without any fasteners, and just using an adhesive.

Does someone have experience with with kind of job or some other input?

Just Bill 12-14-2011 06:49 AM

Each cabinet has a corner brace at the top corners. Drill a hole at each corner and screw the top down from below. Careful about the screw length, you don't want to go thru the top. Over time, many glues loosen. but if you want to replace the top, screws are more easily removed. Overhangs may need knee brace supports.

Snav 12-18-2011 02:32 PM

You should use adhesive caulking to attach it. Can or tube - doesn't matter, it's up to you: how much you need and what's easier for you to apply. Screws that are just long enough to enter 1/2 way into your countertop from your bracing. (measure carefully - for my counter/top mine were 1-1/2" in length . .. everyone's different) These two things give a tight, permanent bond that's also waterproof (for if/when spills or leaks happen they won't completely ruin your counter and/or cabinet)

Drill your pilot holes carefully - I used a small 1/8" bit - just enough to get it going without splitting. . . since it was small it was also short and drilling too far wasn't a concern - if your exposed bit is longer than the screw then just go slow and be careful.

Don't stress - if you happen to puncture your countertop you can fix it - not that big of a deal.

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