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Strife_Design 06-29-2013 10:36 AM

Laminate counter tops, can they be joined?
I know how awesome granite is but I will never be able to afford it. The premolded kitchen counter tops from Home Depot is what I will be using.

My longest counter top is 12 ft with a sink in the middle and 45 degree angles cuts at both ends. The problem is the premolded counter tops come in a max size of 10 ft. Would it be a bad idea to get two 6 ft pieces and have them join in the middle of the sink? I would be worried about water damage, but seems like the least noticeable spot.

Can anyone suggest how I make counter 12 ft long? Thanks for any advice.

MTN REMODEL LLC 06-29-2013 10:52 AM

Good question.... Understanding cost considerations is an issue, and I don't know your DIY capability, and I'm guessinhg you want the premade formica counter tops with the curvy/rounded backsplash and counter lip, custom made is pretty much out.

Assuming top mount sink, and a fair degree of sink base beefing up, and not to big a disposal, and good counter top ties, yes.... my best guess is you could get away with it.

Besides beefing up sinl base support, you might want sistered-on ties on the underside of your counter run that goes around your sink.

Just my best guess, given what I think your consideratiins are.

Good luck

Strife_Design 06-29-2013 11:36 AM

Thanks for your help that is exactly what I need to do. I am a woodworker but have never install a counter top before, what are sistered-on ties? Also would Titebond 2 the water proof wood glue be good enough for this joint. I want to keep the join as invisible as possible.


MTN REMODEL LLC 06-29-2013 12:21 PM

Are you familiar with the countersunk "counter ties" used to tie (normally/mostly your 45's) together.... just a 4" bolt/stud with square washers such that yiou can pull two adjoining piecies tightly together. If not, just check at a big box. (Some premade 45 counters already have the routed countersunk hole's for the counter ties already cut in them)

In effect, my major concern would be the streangth of your joint at the sink. Besides those counter ties, I would probably then take a 3" wide (or appropriate) 1x board and screw and glue it to the underside of your joint... for added streangth. (I called it sister on). I would figure that sister board into my beefing up your sink cabinet...

Tite bond is good glue... but I'm kinda fond of the poly's.... they will scrape off your formica just as well as titebond. I'm less concerned with the glue used than the structural support, as the partical board of the premade formica top won't yield a great glue joint anyway.



HouseHelper 07-05-2013 10:20 AM

Postformed countertops are available in 12' blanks, you just won't find them on the shelve at you local home center. Best bet would be to have your home center come out and measure for the countertops and special order a set to fit. That way you can get the 12' unbroken length you need and if they don't fit, the home center is the one on the hook for reordering.

Placing a joint at the sink will result in water damage. The only question is how long it will take.

BigJim 07-05-2013 10:40 AM

Titebond 2 isn't water proof, type III is.

TarheelTerp 07-05-2013 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by Strife_Design (Post 1208905)
I know how awesome granite is but I will never be able to afford it.

Can anyone suggest how I make counter 12 ft long? Thanks for any advice.

Birch veneer plywood
WilsonArt or Formica PL
Weldwood adhesive
A few tools and supplies
ceramic tile for a backsplash

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