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elen 01-08-2005 10:42 AM

Kitchen sink odor
We have a terrible odor coming from kitchen sink disposal. It started last week. I tryed some stuff from a local Walmart (Kitchen disposal cleaner), even Drago, but it does not work. Any advice? Thanks!

MgMopar 03-23-2005 11:25 PM


It would seem this odor is being caused by sewer gasses coming up. First lets make sure their are no new changes to your drain system? Many disposals have been put in without a water trap in the line. I am not sure why this would be done, but have seen it many times. The trap is used to prevent the gasses from your sewers form creeping into your home! If you look under your sink the pipe should have a drop like a sideways “p? or a “j? before exiting. If not this is probably the cause of your problem.

knowltondata 03-24-2005 07:39 AM

If you find a trap there... do you use it often? Is the drain from your dishwasher connected to your disposal? If not, change it... the dishwasher drain will keep it flushed out on a semi regular basis.

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