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ClnlBrahm 12-29-2010 11:39 AM

Kitchen layout opinion needed
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Sorry for the long post, but I'm somewhat desperately searching for some knowledgable feedback. I really appreciate anyone taking the time to read this.

My husband and I are about to embark on a kitchen remodel. We are trying to decide between several different layout options. We'd be happy with any one of them, and are most concerned with cost-effectiveness at this point. The first picture is the current layout. (The main motive in this renovation is to expand the kitchen into the current mudroom by knocking out a non-load-bearing wall, relocating the washer and dryer, and closeting-in the furnace and hot water heater. We'll also be adding a dishwasher).

The second picture is our original remodel plan. Slightly concerned about whether we'll have room for the dishwasher though. Can the d/w be located directly beneath the gas cooktop, or is that a bad idea?

The third picture would involve getting rid of the wall oven/cooktop combo and switching to a freestanding range. Obviously there is some kind of gas supply behind the wall oven, so if we wanted use that area for a dishwasher, what would be required to cut off gas supply to that area?

One other option would be to locate the dishwasher under the new countertop, but it would no longer be directly next to the sink. The house is built on a crawlspace. How involved/pricey would it be to have plumbing for the dishwasher installed in the new area? It would basically be where the current washer/dryer hookup are. (Ideally these will be moved by then). This way we'd definitely have room for the d/w and could keep the wall oven/ cooktop layout.

Opinions on any of these scenarios would be greatly appreciated! I'm at a loss for good advice! Thanks in advance!!!

Blondesense 12-29-2010 12:46 PM


One other option would be to locate the dishwasher under the new countertop, but it would no longer be directly next to the sink. The house is built on a crawlspace. How involved/pricey would it be to have plumbing for the dishwasher installed in the new area?
I think you would regret this option. Picture yourself using the dishwasher. Rinsing dishes before you load it, loading dripping dishes into it and then putting them away afterwards. Keeping it next to the sink and close to the cabinets is usually the best option. It also simplifies the plumbing.

Edited to add: How much of a gut job do you plan to do? Are you planning on replacing your current cabinets and/or appliances or trying to keep them?

Edited again to say: I'd play with the idea of putting the fridge where your proposed new counter would be (or even where the hot water heater is) and add more counterspace in the kitchen itself. I think it would make the room look immediately bigger. A scale drawing with measurements would help people who want to make suggestions.

ClnlBrahm 12-29-2010 01:23 PM

I'll see if I can update with measurements-- but now I'm curious about the fridge/water heater etc. Is it simple to move the fridge? I was thinking it wouldn't be worth moving it if it wasn't necessary. There is a window above where the proposed new counter would be, which is why I hadn't considered moving anything there aside from counterspace. Wouldn't moving the hotwater heater be quite a task? I agree with you on the dishwasher- good point. Thanks :) Also, any feedback on switching out the cooktop/wall oven combo for a freestanding? Specifically if it would be difficult to close off the gas supply to where the wall oven currently is so that the space can be utilized differently? I'm starting to think that may be a good idea, cause it seems like the only way to keep the dishwasher and sink on the same wall.

We are replacing all of the appliances and the countertop. The cabinets are getting new doors, but the frames will remain and be painted. Thanks again

gregzoll 12-29-2010 06:06 PM

Do you have a garage on the opposite side where the furnace & water heater sits? You may be able to go with a on-demand water heater and get rid of the tank, which would help in space. Plus could be placed above the wash machine. As for the Sink side, it does not make a work triangle. Really need the measurements of the 'L'. Pick up a copy of bath ideas magazine. Once you get the measurements with windows & doors included (that means how far are they from the wall, for windows, size & height from floor & height of the window) and take that info to your local Home Depot or Lowe's. Does not cost you anything for them to create a kitchen plan to give you an idea how it would look. also has a online Kitchen design package that you can use on their website to also do a layout and get an idea of how it looks. If I was to do the sink & dishwasher, I have my kitchen laid out with the Stove on my North wall (where your fridge sits), and the fridge, then portable dishwasher unit with microwave sitting on top of it, then the sink. That way, it stays as a work triangle, with no reaching over anything to load the dishwasher, plus it is to the left of the sink, so very easy to load. Glasses are in a cabinet above the dishwasher, plates & bowls to the right of the sink in that upper cabinet.

My kitchen is around 10x10, with the dining added, I can say it is really 17x10, since we took down the dividing wall between the spaces (older pre-1940 Bungalow).

Blondesense 12-29-2010 08:47 PM

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In our previous home we had the hot water heater moved from the bathroom to an unused closet with no problem, but ours was electric. As far as moving stuff around, there are a too many variables for anyone online to be able to say what would be the easiest or most cost efficient.

Can you DIY? By that I mean not only do you have the skills, but do you know the local regulations? Will you be required by code to have a professional do any of it? Permits? How accessible is your wiring/plumbing and how is it run? Does your fridge have an icemaker you need to plumb? Is your hot water heater gas or electric? What about access space around the hot water heater and furnace if they need servicing? Code requirements regarding this? Lots of things to consider.

You really need to draw all this to scale, and then maybe even mark it out on the floor with masking tape. I'm afraid if you put a closet and louvered doors in that mud room you will end up with a small, awkward, and relatively unusable space (don't forget to consider how closet doors will open).

This is sorta what I was thinking in my previous post (depending on measurements). Build an alcove that faces into the kitchen for the fridge to slide into where the hot water heater is. Keep the mudroom door, and then move the hot water heater to the back wall. This would free up space in the kitchen itself. Framing the alcove would probably be no more work than building closets around the W/D etc. Other advantages include ease of access for service to everything in the room, and you still have the door to close to hide any clutter or laundry. It might also work on the opposite side of the mudroom door.

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