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whataboutj 01-24-2010 09:52 AM

Kitchen cabinets - Are Ikea cabinets good? What other mfgs have you used?
I am in the process of doing the planning and budgeting for a complete kitchen gut/renovation and one of the areas I am currently researching is the kitchen cabinets. I have designed the kitchens for the last two places we have lived - both were new construction and the builders used Merillat cabinets so all of my experience is with them.

I have looked at Ikea kitchen cabinets & it look as if I can get all the cabinets for the kitchen for about 50% (maybe even less) of what Merillat will cost (still waiting for all the pricing to be sent back to me). There are some differences with Ikea for sure - the heights available for the wall and tall cabinets is one, and the fact that the drawers are not all wood - just the fronts are - is the other. On the flip side from what I see they test the heck out of the cabinets for durability and they have a 25 year warranty. They also come with the soft close drawer slides & door hinges at no extra cost, on the models I would be getting. Lastly the installation system is very Ikea in that it seems super easy as long as you make sure you find the high point of your floor and ensure everything is level (then again that is the big issue with cabinets in general so......)

Has anyone else used Ikea cabinets for their kitchen? What are your thoughts. Are they durable?

Any other cabinet mfgs you would suggest to look at other than Merillat?

jlhaslip 01-24-2010 11:16 AM

I have installed about 400 kitchens in my career, a few Ikea ones.

They aren't my first choice for quality or ease of installation, but they function nicely.

I do like the base height adjustment leg system and the top rail connectors for the uppers.

It takes longer to assemble the boxes than to do the actual install. Especially corner units.

Never worked with the other brand, so I can't compare.

whataboutj 01-27-2010 09:56 AM

Thanks for the info. The legs on the base cabinets from Ikea definitely seem easier to level than the traditional shim method. As for assembling the cabinets - I assumed that is one of the reasons they are less expensive than everything else.
It's interesting to hear that the quality is not good because they give a 25 year warranty.

I stopped at HD to see what they offered. The Thomasville and Kraftmaid cabinets were real nice and offer a really wide variety of cabinets and styles

Anyone else have info/input on what cabinets you have used before? Any info would be appreciated

Mop in Hand 01-27-2010 10:58 PM

I have installed just about every cabinet line there is in the NW. All but IKEA. It's not something I recommend nor would I install. I personally don't care for looks, but the main reason I do not want to assemble them. I can see why they are less expensive than most. The lack of options is also another consideration.
Kraftmaid is an ok cabinet for a production run.
Middle of the line Diamond is what I have in my home. Real good cabinet for the price.
Thomasville is an upgrade compared to Kraftmaid.
Schuler may be the best production cabinet. But they are spendy.
Parr Cabinet is ok. Not the best, but the price is right.
It all comes down to cost, as a rule of thumb, the more you spend normally the better cabinet your going to get.

user1007 01-28-2010 06:40 AM

Stop into a real kitchen design place to see what they offer. At least you will have a reference point for the high end of quality and price. You may find something you really like that might be worth the extra price point. Generally, any money sunk into a nice kitchen---within reason---is returned when the house is sold. If only they would not date themselves.

I have not had an IKEA store anywhere near me since about 1990 and the one nearest here is out in the burbs. As far as I know? IKEA still does not offer a delivery option which means half a day is taken out of my life just to fetch stuff---assuming they have it in stock when I get there. And then clients would have to pay me to put it together. Not sure I could sell the concept or demonstrate the savings.

whataboutj 01-28-2010 09:46 AM

Thanks for the additional info. I have only dealt with Merillat in the past two kitchens I have designed for our new constructions, so these other MFGs are new to me. I'm glad to hear Thomasville is a good product as I believe I can get those at a relatively decent price and the options I saw were awesome. Any idea how they compare to Merillat?

As for Ikea - they do have a delivery option which is $79 flat rate charge regardless of how big the order is. Obviously if I were to go with Ikea having them delivered is a no brainer. Putting the cabinets together is to be expected and I am willing to do it (I am going to install the cabinets too) as a cost savings measure IF I deem the cabinets to be the right option. As for cabinets options - they seem to have everything I need since I have no corners to deal with and most of what I need is pretty straight forward (base cabinets, wall cabinets, oven cabinet).

All that being said looking through all the various selection guides from the other MFGs is a lot of fun. I will follow up with how they all cost out as I get the bids for the cabinets back fro the suppliers.

Any other opinions in the mean time are appreciated

brons2 01-28-2010 10:01 AM

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Originally Posted by sdsester (Post 390451)
I have not had an IKEA store anywhere near me since about 1990 and the one nearest here is out in the burbs. As far as I know? IKEA still does not offer a delivery option which means half a day is taken out of my life just to fetch stuff---assuming they have it in stock when I get there. And then clients would have to pay me to put it together. Not sure I could sell the concept or demonstrate the savings.

Yeah, I have some waiting to be put together, the Akurum "stat". The total purchase price of all the cabinets I need was $1621, which was about $2379 less expensive than any Thomasville or Kraftmaid plans I could ring up on the computer at HD. That being said there were a lot more options with the Thomasville/Kraftmaid cabinets including 42" high options. Ikea's tallest cabinets were 39". I am going to have to put in a smaller window in my kitchen because Ikea only offers 15" tall cabinets that go on top of windows. The old cabinets were 12" and there's about 14 1/2" inches of space available. So you can add a $140 single hung 36x33 window to the cost, at least. Down from 36x36.

As for can't just throw these things in the back of your car or SUV, it's approximately 850 lbs of unassembled cabinets in my case, and I have a small kitchen. I had rented a 3/4 ton Ford super-duty diesel and hired a day laborer to pick up 30 sheets of sheetrock and take stuff to the dump already, so I made a trip out to the Ikea and got more value from my truck rental.

I got a quote for installation from the "Tremond" people who are Ikea's installers, for $1200 which is not bad, however, I'm going to do it myself and keep the $1200 in my pocket.

I have to be honest, these choices are mainly driven by cost considerations. I'm doing this remodeling on a shoestring budget. If I had more resources available, I would have just ordered the Kraftmaid cabinets that I liked, and I would suggest you do the same. Ikea is pretty much an off-the-shelf mass produced product that you have limited choices with. While that's ok for now, if you have the coin, get the Thomasville or Kraftmaid.

whataboutj 02-01-2010 09:22 AM

Thanks again for the additional info on various cabinets. I have noticed in my research a lot of web sites where you can but cabinets that are "RTA" or ready to assemble. They are essentially (and supposedly) the same plywood grade cabinets you buy from retailers but not put together. The get shipped flat and then you put them together before installing them. Has anyone every used these? Are they any good? What sites have you used to purchase them?

One I have been on the most this past weekend is

Mop in Hand 02-01-2010 11:40 PM

Be carefull from where you order from. Although Mei cabinets may sound great and a good price, my best quess is thier made in China. There are not less than 20 of these types of kitchen cabinet places around the Seattle area. One of them is where I get my 3/4 granite from. I would not recommend thier cabinets however. I have no idea what type of wood they use however it is plywood. I noticed that there shelves are plywood too, but one of the bands had come loose on thier display model and had voids in them. Large voids. There are not a quality cabinet. Ask if they are made in America.

joefromcal 06-28-2010 02:13 AM

Hello Mop In Hand. I've been looking for some new cabinets and it was nice to read what you said about Diamond cabinets since that is one brand I am considering. I'm just getting a basic Maple wood kitchen, no upgrades except I was thinking about getting crown molding. Only thing is the price for the molding would add between 600 to 800 dollars to the quote., which i quite expensive. I was wondering, If I were to purchase crown molding elsewhere, also made out of Maple, would I have a hard time matching the color? I've heard some retail stores actually sell the paint from the cabinet company in case you need to touch up your cabinets. If this is true then I could easily match the color. What's your thought on this idea? Thank you, Joe

Mop in Hand 07-02-2010 11:03 PM

More than likely you could order the paint or stain you would need directly from
Diamond and get the exact match. I have done so in the past with other cabinet companies.

joefromcal 07-03-2010 01:57 PM

Paint and Stain
Mop in Hand, Thank you for the reply and again, for all the great info on this thread. For those of us who are weekend warriors, the input of pro's like yourself is priceless. Joe

Tudy 07-10-2010 03:39 PM

IKEA cabinets are great as far as I'm concerned!
I only put up one in my kitchen, a 36 inch over my sink. It's white with glass shelves and glass doors. Love it and the quite closing doors are awesome! I would put more up in a heartbeat.

Easy to put to gether, once you get the first one done. Easy to hang. Heck, I'd say two thumbs up! :thumbup:

houseinthewoods 07-11-2010 08:01 PM

Do your research online, but then take your plan to a local cabinet maker. I've always found local people who could be competitive, and you'll be keeping your dollars close to home instead of sending them to some other country.

tuchodi 11-11-2010 12:07 PM

My first kitchen reno was with Kraft-maid and they were well built and after adding full opening draws and soft closer they added up quickly. They were all pre-built so they installed really quick and all you had to do was shim for imperfections in wall and floor which in todays homes are usually quite a bit, the project turned out real good and it didn't take to much time to install.
I am now retired and am just starting another reno in the house we just bought and I am putting in Ikea cabinets. I helped a friend install his which was the first time I had anything to do with Ikea and was really impressed with their quality. It sure takes a lot longer because you have to put all the cabinets together but I am doing approx the same size kitchen just a little larger and it will be 1/2 the price of my first kitchen, if time is important and not price then go with pre-made box's but for me I am satisfied with Ikea.

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