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yates 03-29-2005 03:48 PM

Installing cooker hoods
im trying to fit an cooker hood/extrater to my new kitchen.Ive got an 1100 wide range cooker and plan to fit a 1000wide fan.The problem is how high do i fit the hood .The manufactures recomend a minimum fitting hight (70mm) but at this hight it comes up to my chin(or more relevant my missis forehead!) which i think is too low .Should it be above head hight or in head butting range

MgMopar 03-29-2005 06:35 PM


Typically in a commercial environment the hood is at least as wide as the appliance and the higher you go the wider it is. In residential they actually sometimes use non vented hoods so I guess they are not as concerned. Most areas do have codes that would affect this. When I used to install conveyer ovens for pizza stores the required a smoke stick (basically a smoke bomb) to be put threw and the hood had to ventilate at least 90% of the smoke or I would not be allowed to leave to oven operational until the problem was fixed. Anyway back to your question. I just walked into my kitchen my hood is about chin height. I have never noticed this as a problem but the hood only comes out about 3/4 of the oven depth so is not in your face when cooking. sorry for rambling on and I hope I helped answer your question

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