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how to build this

I want to build an island in my kitchen and I want to put a wine cooler in it like the one in the picture how do you build this


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Not any different then building a cabinet for a dishwasher.
Have you ever built anything like this before?
What tools do you have and do you have a place to build it?
You could buy those two cabinets for less then it would cost to build them.


When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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no I have never built one and Ide rather buy than build but what do I get it looks like all you need is a 36" base cabnet and the wine cooler is the wine cooler inside a cabnet
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First of all, check your clearances to where you want to put this island. You will need a minimum of 36" all the way around. 42"-48" is better for working aisles if there will be more than one person. Then, figure out how you're going to get electrical to the middle of the room. If it's on crawlspace, an electrician can run a couple of circuits for you. You will need one circuit for the fridge, and one for the required small appliance circuit that all kitchen counter surfaces are required to have.

Once you've measured to be able to see how large the island can be, you need to source the fridge. Wine fridges usually are usually 24" although some are 18". To build one in like that, you need one that IS able to be built in. You can't use a freestanding one. It will overheat. Built ins aren't cheap. 1-2K is about average for something that won't crap out on you in a week or two.

So, you've got the island size, and the fridge size. Say the island can be 48" and the fridge is 24". The easiest way to build this is to have cabinets to either side of the fridge. You've got 24" to work with, so 2 12" cabinets, one for either side of the fridge is what you need to purchase, plus a back stained plywood panel and some outside corner molding, some toekick, and maybe some scribe molding. This assumes that the sides of the cabinet are finished with the same color as the front. Many aren't. You'll also need some 2x4 material and lag screws to attach the island to the floor joists, a cordless drill, a brad nailer, a table saw or circular saw with a long guide, a jigsaw, and some electrical skills

Once the electrical has been run to the proper location in the toekick area, and you've laid out where the cabinets go, you need to create a framework from the 2x4's to fit under the toekick are, screwed into the joists. Place one cabinet on the framework, then space off the 24" for the wine fridge, create the second framework and attach it to the joists. Drill a hole into the cabinet where the electrical comes out for the fridge, and for the other required electrical outlet on the exterior. Once the cabinets are spaced properly, and you've pulled the wires, it's time to screw them down to the framework. You also want to have some filler material (3/4"x3"x 30") to bridge the gap between the cabinets at the top. to create support for the counter. Cut the filler to 24" and predrill the holes. Screw into the filler from the adjacent cabinet. You want one front and back, horizontally, with only the 3/4" height showing to slide the fridge under.

Now use a brad nailer and attach the plywood panel to the rear of the cabinets after cutting it to size on the table saw or with the circular saw. Cut the outside corner molding and use it to cover the raw edges at the side. Attach the toekick. Have the electrician (or you) finish putting in the box and plugs for the fridge, and for the receptacles on the cabinet side (you'll need to cut a hole in the side for that one.) Use a hole saw and cut a hole in the side of the cabinet next to the electrical outlet. Thread the fridge's plug through the hole and plug it in and slide it into place. Place the counter top on top of the cabinets and secure correctly for the type of counter that you choose.

Or, just call a cabinet guy to do all of that for you. A couple of grand plus the cost of the fridge and counter, but you won't have to buy any tools or fuss over getting the fussy work right.
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