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denemante 08-04-2012 10:04 PM

hinges on flush-face cabinet doors vs. old door hinges
Hey all - I have a builder-grade kitchen. The cabinet doors and drawers are all a few inches apart.

We want shaker or craftsman-style. Those cab doors and drawers sit right next to each other with no gap in between. See other pic.

Right now, my cabinet doors cover the big regtangle "hole" in the cabinet box by about 1/4 inch all around (see the pic of my existing hinge). The hinge mounts not on the face, but inside edge.

If I replace with the shaker style - now the doors will extend beyond the size of the "hole" by perhaps an inch - maybe even a tad more. Thus - it would seem that my current hinges can't be reused.

The "hinge" point - where the cabinet meets the box like the point of a V shape while being opened - since the door extends now and inch or so outward of the hole - my existing hinge wouldn't be at the point of the V - rather - and inch up the leg. Thus, the door would bind or wouldn't open.

I don't want the hinges visible. So am I forced to rout out 1/2 the depth of a standard, old-fashioned hinge (similar to a door hinge but smaller) in the back/side of the door - and mount it to the outside face of the cabinet box?

oh'mike 08-05-2012 05:47 AM

You need to learn about modern 'euro style' hinges---

I suggest you go to a Rockler store or Woodcraft and see what is available---

Typical overlay (the amount the door over hangs the opening) is 1/2 inch---any amount wider than that will require special hinges.

Standard overlay hinges cost about $4.00 a pair.---Special use hinges --$17.00 or more per pair.

Better figure out the hinges before you order doors----most door makers will drill the doors for hinges if you know the exact setback.

Otherwise a drill press is needed for DIY drilling.

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