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Hiding shower pipes

I am replacing my standard bath, which is in a corner of my bathroom.The new bath is a 'P' shaped shower bath. I want to construct a false wall at the shower end of the bath (the same width as the bath) to conceal the shower pipes to the shower mixer and the fixed shower head. All that should be visible is the shower mixer controls and the shower head. I would like to tile it but presumable I need to provide some way of servicing access. Can anyone direct me to a link, video, illustration or just plain written construction details?

Many thanks

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Hiding shower pipes

Most of the time the shower valve and head is installed on an interior wall, so that access can be gained from the other side of the wall if needed. If this is not possible, most valves can be accessed from the trim plate if need be. I would advise against any kind of removable panel located in the shower area, it's not needed. I will assume that your are installing new pipes anyway. The pipes and valves should be tested before covering them up with a CBU. The best site I know of for your tiling needs:

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Hiding shower pipes

Thanks for your input, it was most welcome. Since sending in the question, I have given it more thought. I shall of course be using the appropriate water-proof wall lining and tiled. The shower mixer (Mira) will be fitted on the outside of the false wall with the pipe fixed to the brick wall and protruding through the false wall. However instead of having the shower hose fixed to the outside of the wall I want to have a hidden pipe from the mixer through the false wall and up to a fixed shower head arm. I contacted Mira to ask them if they had an adaptor which I could use to replace the shower hose connection in the mixer. Their eply was that they didn't and anyway the if I were to use various fittings (elbows etc.) to get from the mixer to the shower arm it could cause a pressure increase that might damage the mixer cartridge and invalidate the guarantee. This doesn't make sense to me. What is the difference between using 15mm elbows and pipes instead of using the shower hose (smaller diameter) poked through the wall and up to the shower arm?

All this seems straight forward enough but I have to figure out how to firmly connect the shower arm to the shower outlet pipe from outside the wall and make it water tight. I do enjoy a challenge!

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