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coreyandnicole 03-19-2010 06:12 PM

Double Bathroom Remodel
We're planning our first total bathroom remodel and are trying to figure out which portions we'll do ourselves and what we'll find subs for. After serious flakiness w/ contractors in our area, I think this is one we'll be taking on ourselves.

The bathroom is a complete gut, as we're expanding this bathroom into part of a bedroom (shrinking that bedroom's size) to get a true master in our 1912 Col. Revival. We'd then like to turn the other half of the "shrunk" room into a bathroom, essentially having our two bathrooms share a wall. Our plan for the master is to bring in a new clawfoot, apothecary style double sinks, tile the walls half way up, use hexagon tile for the floor and put it a custom shower with tile walls, concrete floor and a glass door. Since this is our first, I'm trying to wrap my head around all the steps. 1. Gut, 2. Plumbing, 3. Electrical, 4. Insulation, 5. Greenrock, 6. Cement Board and Tile, 7. Flooring, 8. Trim and Paint. What I'm confused about is at what point the sink and console, shower, toilet and clawfoot are put in. And should we plan on doing both bathrooms at once or is it realistic to plan for the other bathroom with plumbing and electrical on that wall when we do the remodel but leave the rest until a few months down the road? Also, what aspects beyond plumbing and electrical should we outsource in the interest of not having a nervous breakdown or divorce come out of this remodel? :-)

Any advice would be appreciated!

Jim F 03-19-2010 09:59 PM

Wow, that's way more ambitious than my current bathroom project. I'm mostly trying to stay in the same tracks previously laid. If you have a third bathroom to use I guess it would be your choice whether to do both at once or not. It sounds like everything but the shower can go in after the finished floor considering the tub is a claw foot. Just make sure to protect the floor.

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