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GaileDavidson 01-07-2009 12:25 PM

Don't Use Lowe's
I want to post this thread - in case it hasn't already been said - about using a retail chain to design and construct your kitchen. After 14 months of really poor project management and construction, I'm still left with a sloppy, poorly designed kitchen courtesy of Lowe's. Hindsight being 20/20, I now realize that I didn't get what I paid for when I used Lowe's design and install services, I got what they paid for. I have cabinets that extend into my doorway, a fridge space that's too large for any commercial refrigerator (so much so, my cat keeps getting behind the fridge by accident) and detail work that looks like my cat did it (when she's not hiding behind the fridge). I chose Lowe's to save a little money, and I've spent what I've saved on Prozac. Their customer service is completely non-existent and now my only option is to sue them. This post is meant to serve as a word of advice - spend a little extra and get someone you trust!

sunthas 01-07-2009 12:46 PM

I'd send an email to Lowe's corporate or call their customer service hotline. Just the fact that you are posting is bad business for them and they will try to rectify it. If Lowe's refuses to do anything call BBB.

GaileDavidson 01-07-2009 12:51 PM

Already been there!
I've already sent Lowe's corporate certified letters, dealt with 4 different store managers, the regional manager, and the unbelievably unqualified Install manager...they don't respond, or stonewall - so far, they've done nothing at all but make the whole install worse. I'd BBB them, but I've always heard the BBB doesn't really do anything. I'm guessing I'm taking them to court.

rjordan392 01-07-2009 01:43 PM

That is correct.
The BBB is a waste of time in trying to get contractors to resolve installation issues. However I do use them to see if contractors are listed with them and to see if there are complaints against them. But still, it is no guarantee that I won't get stuck with bad one. With unemployment climbing, there are a lot of wannabee contractors out there and homeowners have to be extra careful; even with business's that hire sub-contractors.

But it would be a good idea to go on record and file a complaint. It will look good when you go to court. Besides; the court might ask if you did. Save all correspondance with lowe's and their contractor and turn it over to your attorney. If Lowe's contacts you to resolve your complaint after your attorney takes your case, then talk with your attorney first before agreeing to anything.

ponch37300 01-07-2009 03:15 PM

I have heard many horror stories about lowes/home depot services. Make sure you take alot of pictures and also try and get some estimates on how much it is going to cost to fix all the bad work.

I have used the BBB two times before for cell phone issues and both times were resolved because of the BBB and the companies not wanting a bad reputation. Might be worth a try

mckinley 02-05-2009 07:49 PM

Do you mind telling me what cabintry you purchased and if lowes did the install, because I am in the process of getting cabinets from them with the economy being what it is I was hoping to go with lowes because I know they will be here in the next year or so and a cabinet company could close up any day and be gone

Tom Struble 02-05-2009 09:33 PM

they make it sound so easy just put it on your lowes credit card.
Jmo but the suppliers shouldn't be the installers too

angus242 02-05-2009 09:35 PM


Originally Posted by mckinley (Post 225824)
Do you mind telling me what cabintry you purchased and if lowes did the install, because I am in the process of getting cabinets from them with the economy being what it is I was hoping to go with lowes because I know they will be here in the next year or so and a cabinet company could close up any day and be gone

Aren't the people in this thread complaining about Lowes?
What makes you think Lowes will be here in a year? Didn't Circuit City just go under? Didn't Linen N Things just go under? Didn't Home Depot just decided to close all of their Expo stores?

If you're a savvy consumer, you'll shop around at more places than just Lowes. I'm a kitchen remodeler and if you bought cabinets from me and I went under, the cabinet manufacturer will still be there. That's no different than Lowes. They don't have their own installers. They sub out the people like me. How do you think Lowes is treating their subs? I can tell you horror stories about being hired by the big box stores. I would never work for them.

Do a search for cabinets. Look on their web sites for dealers. Get recommendations from the dealers for installers. Yes, the economy is slow and my supplier, as well as me both feel it. However, in tough times, we stick together. I have a great relationship with my supplier. Those are the things that stand the test of (hard) times. We scratch each others backs. While business is slow, I'm still surviving. How? By continuing to give personal service and better craftsmanship than the big corporate giants.

Most estimates are free. You should check a few small local installers. I believe if they're anything like me, you'll be much happier, better served and get a more affordable remodel.

SandyK 02-05-2009 09:50 PM

OP; Did you pay with a credit card? Did you hold back some of the money to insure all work was to your satisfaction?

If you paid with a CC and it was fairly recent, you might have some leverage/recourse.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

perpetualjon 02-06-2009 12:07 AM

Can you post pics of their work on this thread? I'd love to see visually what you're talking about... More so, did they provide you with plans on paper that showed the relationship between the new cabinetry and your existing door --and what the real dimensions of the refrigerator would be?

yesitsconcrete 02-15-2009 06:19 AM

we just finish'd our kitchen makeover,,, we talk'd w/orange rather'n blue & used their costs as a baseline,,, in the end, chose local cabinetmaker to custom bld everything altho most of his work was assemblying components & applying finish,,, he deliver'd & sub'd install to his carpenter,,, all in all, i felt the work went well altho my bride never expect'd contractors lie :laughing:

had we pick'd orange, our base costs would've been comparable but not at the finish/box grade we pick'd so orange lost that round,,, install costs ( includ'd by our guy ) were MUCH less while orange ' estimated ' install at 1/3rd of cabinet cost.

this was cabinetry items ONLY as we found our own ceramic tile, flooring, paint, & c-top subs,,, 1 does usually get what 1 pay for however, w/proper foresight, education, & experience, you can save $,,, in order to save the $, you also have to invest TIME & EFFORT,,, if you want your sub's wages, you do have to earn them,,, nothing's FREE!!! imo, most h/o's set budgets & timetables which're unrealistic ( my bride included :whistling2: ),,, then again, i had the advantage of being a contractor - sub & general,,, i did the demo, drywall, & elec tho not at the speed, accuracy, & level of expertise of craftsman who daily do those items.

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