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sukhenkoi 04-27-2011 09:31 AM

Do I need to use RedGard?

I am remodeling my bathroom. I am putting new floor, tub, toilet, walls, etc. My shower base is acrylic pane and tub is Americast.
For the floor I am going to use Durock Cement boards, versabond thinset mortar and 6x6 porcelain tile.
For tub and shower surrounding walls I am going to use Durock Cement boards, tile adhesive and 6x6 ceramic tiles.
Some people suggest using RedGard Waterproofing membrane as a waterproofing barrier, but one employee in a Home Depot tile department told me that if I use Durock Cement boards I don't need RedGard. He said he had a lot of experience with tiles.

My questions:
Do I really need to apply RedGard Waterproofing membrane on top of Durock Cement boards before putting tiles?
What is the difference between vapor barrier and waterproofing?

Thanks a lot.

Blondesense 04-27-2011 10:29 AM

With the amount of water that hits the wall in a shower, Yes, you need something to stop water penetrating into the wall. Cement board and tile is not enough.
With a tub surround that just gets an occasional splash, it's not so necessary, but if you have Redgard left over from the shower, you may as well use it.
I suggest you check out Bud's blog.

Also, what kind of "tile adhesive" did HD sell you? And is this from the same guy who told you you don't need Redgard?

sukhenkoi 04-27-2011 11:18 AM

First, I understand that I don't need to apply RerGard on the floor at all because unless some accident happens water is not going to touch the floor.
Second, I will apply RedGard on the shower walls and left over from the shower on the tub surrounding walls
Third, I'll check what kind of "tile adhesive" I got from HD.
Fourth, yes, this is from the same guy who told me that I don't need Redgard.

Thanks again.

sukhenkoi 04-27-2011 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by Blondesense (Post 637584)

Also, what kind of "tile adhesive" did HD sell you? And is this from the same guy who told you you don't need Redgard?

I got Simplset "Stone, Percelain & Ceramic Tile Thin-Set Mortar" from HD for tiling tub and shower surrounding walls. Btw, it was recommended by the same guy. Some other HD employees recommended me to use "AcrylPro Ceramic Tile Adhesive", but that guy told me that it was not good for bathroom walls.

Now, here is why I ask about RedGard.

To remodel my bathroom first I demolished all tiled walls. Surprisingly, I found that contractors used just regular drywall (with tile adhesive and ceramic tiles) as tub and shower surrounding walls. No RedGard or any kind of waterproofing membrane.
My townhouse is 25 years old. We moved in 12 years ago and since then my wife used shower cabin and I used tub to take a shower every single day. Now is the biggest surprise. I had to use a hummer and a chisel to remove tiles and destroy walls because tiles and drywall were in a perfect like new condition. No sign of any water damage at all. This is why I have some doubts about necessity of RedGard.

I know that many experts and professionals won't like it and will say this is crazy.

I am not making any statements, I am just telling what I found.

Bud Cline 04-27-2011 05:55 PM

You do not need to use the Redgard. Millions of showers have been built with out using a waterproofing.

However, the information coming down the pike these days is that a surface water-proofer under the tile eliminates the need for a moisture barrier on the studs and it will extend the life of the facility. Here's why in my experience.

Twenty-five years ago when your shower was built it was either built using a mortar type adhesive or what is known as a mastic organic adhesive. The mortar is the way to go. But back then the mastics were made different than they are today. Several years ago your government mandated that all V.O.C.'s be removed from those adhesives of years past. It was those additives that extended the life of a shower when mastic adhesives were used. Those days are gone and so are the quality mastics of the period. Today's mastics (and Acrylpro is one) are not suitable for use in a shower. The makers say they are but us pros see too many failures of young showers so they really aren't suitable.

My advice is to use the Redgard (on the cement board) and also use thinset mortar for the adhesive.:)

sukhenkoi 04-28-2011 06:50 AM

Thanks a lot for the information. I already got the Redgard from HD so I'll probably apply it on Durock before putting tiles.

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