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jamiedolan 02-12-2009 02:24 PM

Cook Top vent

We are doing a complete gut and remodel on our kitchen. We would like to put the range top in front of a window. However, we don't want to have a vent hood hang down in front of the window.

Is there any type of vent I could install in the soft about the range top (4 feet above the counter) that would give me proper venting for a cook top?

I am thinking I will need to use a more powerful fan than normal.


Revue 02-13-2009 09:14 AM

I don't think putting a range top in front of a window is a good idea,
the window will always be coated with cooking grease.

And watch out for those high flow range hoods. If it exhausts hundreds of
CFMs, that air has to be replaced with an equivalent volume from the outside.
Imagine what that would be like when the outdoor temperaure is -20 degF.

angus242 02-13-2009 01:00 PM

I agree, that's not a good location for the cooktop.
There are multiple issues. Grease. Ventilation. Heat so close to glass. I'm not even sure code would allow this arrangement.
Personally, I would never put cooking appliances in front of a window.

jamiedolan 02-15-2009 10:20 AM


Thanks for the responses, we have to reconsider and will check what the local codes say. The glass of the window is about 12" bove counter top height, so it would not be directly behind the cooktop, thought I defiantly see you point about splatter and such and can see what a mess that could be.

We were going to put the cook top on a peninsula opposite of the window, but then it was out in the open and we were afraid of people knocking stuff off the stove and being injured.

We will have to keep brainstorming on the project and will hopefully find some solutions soon.


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